I gotta agree with Madonna – “Music makes the people come together.” Whether it’s dancing around the living room with my kids, setting the mood for a party with holiday songs or making the cleaning go faster with some tunes, I love to have music on in the house. And one of my favorite companies that helps me get my home full of song is Logitech. Logitech makes all kinds of “personal peripherals” as they call them to help people get more enjoyment out of the digital world. From wireless mice and speakers to webcams and gaming accessories, Logitech has products that let you get the most out of your digital devices.

My favorite picks from Logitech are their Wi-Fi music players which include the Squeezebox Radio, Duet, Boom and the newest addition, the Squeezebox Touch.  The Squeezebox Touch is a music portal that allows you to wirelessly stream your personal digital music library, Internet radio, and online music services via a convenient touch screen. Whether you love online or local radio stations, listening to your own personal music collection or discovering new artisst, podcasts or playlists, with the Squeezebox Touch you have an infinite selection of songs that are just a touch away.

Easily switch between music sources. This is one of my favorite features. With just a few touches on the screen I can change from the dance music I use to help clean the house, to a holiday playlist I made from our CD collection and still switch over to a local radio station to let my husband check up on current scores. Lately I’ve been tuning in to a French jazz station to unwind after a long day. Yes, a French radio station. From France. (Commercials are so much less annoying in French.) No plugging and unplugging multiple devices. No switching between my mp3 player, radio and computer. The Squeezebox Touch keeps all my music within easy reach.

4.3″ Touch Screen. What makes the Squeezebox Touch unique from the other Wi-Fi players in the Logitech line-up is the new touch screen.  The 4.3″ color touch screen makes it easy to change artist, sort your collection, search for new music, see cover art and hundreds of other tasks. The display is thin and very sleek so you won’t mind leaving it out on your counter or bookshelf.

Dozens of ways to discover new music. I love shuffle. I don’t want to know what song is coming up next and love hearing new artists that match my tastes. More than half the time you can find Pandora or Slacker running on my Squeezebox, but there are dozens of online music services – paid and free – to choose from on the Squeezebox Touch. SIRIUS Radio, Rhapsody, BBC Radio, MediaFly, Last.fm, Napster and dozens more let you play and discover the music, talk radio or podcasts you like.

Remote control. Not next to the touch screen? No problem. The included remote lets you access all the features of the Squeezebox Touch from across the room.

Display light sensor. I know this is a small feature, but it speaks to the thought that Logitech puts into their products. The screen has a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display according to environment. When the lights are on in the room, the screen is bright enough for to you to see your music selection. Dim the lights in the room and the display screen dims too – no blaring, bright screen while you’re trying to slow dance with the hubs after the kids are down.

USB port and SD card slot. Listen to new music from friends and family with the USB port and SD card slot that allow you to access and view your photos and music stored on flash drives, memory sticks or other devices.

Build your music system. Another great feature of Logitech’s Wi-Fi music players? They work seamlessly together. Pick up their Squeezebox Duet or Radio and control what’s playing all over your house. Sync them together for a family dance party or let your kids rock out to Yo Gabba Gabba in their room while you relax with a classical masterpiece in yours.

What’s Included
Logitech Squeezebox Touch, power supply with plug adapters, infrared remote control with batteries, stereo audio cable. manual, cleaning cloth, 2-year limited hardware warranty

What You Need

Stereo system or powered speakers; ethernet or 802.11 b/g wireless home network; broadband Internet connection required for Internet radio and music services

Click here to read about all the product specifications to use the Squeezebox Touch.

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Note: Logitech sent a sample of the Squeezebox Touch for this review.

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