rowdy.jpg Who says your style has to change when you have a baby? Not Rowdy Products, who is making mom friendly diaper bags that combine style and performance. Their look is a little edgy and urban-girly but these bags are made to perform. I checked out their Croc Bowler and found it quite up to the challenge of a busy day out with kids.
At first glance the Croc Bowler by Rowdy Products looks like a petite piece of vintage luggage. The deep red mock croc is luxe-y looking and black tassels and trim give it a polished look. The bag is a satchel style and can be carried by short handles or worn messenger style with the addition of an included adjustible, removeable strap. The bag exterior is made from a low maintenance manmade material, and defies rain or baby mess. Metal feet on the underside ensure that it stands alone and minimizes scuffs to the bottom of the bag.
This satchel is quite roomy – large enough to hold a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, a baby’s bottle and some water for you, as well as a few toys and extra items. I even got a small blanket in there with all that. It’s eminently stuffable yet manages not to make you look like you are emigrating to the mommyland with your baby suitcase. This is a welcome thing for petite moms who are often overwhelmed by larger diaper bags.
Fans of pockets will dig this bag, and dig less when using it. Inside the bag are three appropriately sized mesh pockets to organize your cell, diapers and wipes. A zipped pocket secures valuables. There is a clip for your keys and an insulated bottle holder (sized to hold a variety of bottle styles) and a slim waterproof changing pad is also included. Side pockets on the outside keep your binkies, breathmints and other essentials close at hand. There is also a zippered compartment on the back of the outside of the bag (with a cute tassel on the zip pull).
The niftiest compartment on the bag however, is not exactly a compartment at all. Lift the front outer flap and you find there is a removeable clutch purse attached to the bag. This is the perfect place to put all your essential mommy stuff, so you do not have to carry the whole bag with you every time you run a quick errand. The clutch snaps & clips securely onto the bag and the bag looks great whether you have the clutch attached or not.
Perhaps the most mommy friendly aspect of these bags is that the entire lining of the bag is waterproof. And to make it easy to clean, the lining is also completely removeable. There is an inner lining underneath. With the baby-bag lining removed, the Rowdy Products Croc Bowler easily transitions into your work or gym bag.
As much as I love my luxury leather diaper bags, it’s really nice to have a bag that does not need to be pampered almost as much as my child. The Rowdy Products Croc Bowler manages to look chic while performing like a work horse. It’s sturdy and well constructed and sure to stand up to the abuse of life in and out of the car, the park, etc. There will be no need for tears when the baby spits up on it, because it will still look great.
Rowdy Products Croc Bowler bags retail for $109.99 and are available at the Rowdy Products website. Check out their other bags as well. We also love their Ragged Pad for quick changes and to leave in the car. At only $31.99, and available in chocolate brown and khaki it makes a thoughtful gift for new dads.


  1. I bought the red one before my baby was born and have had nothing but problems with it. This item has fallen apart on me from the beginning. At first the zipper broke after the first use with my newborn baby. The company sent me a new one, and then the leather strap broke. I took it to a tailor to fix it and then the metal hoop to hold the strap to the bag broke. I didn't even use the bag excessively or to carry anything heavy. When I called the company to get another replacement, they said that the warranty was outside of the window for me to get another. You would think after spending $100+ for a bag it would last a little longer. I would not recommend purchasing this bag since it barely made it through my son's first 5 months of life.

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