Life is precious. Tonight I’m hugging my kids a little tighter and saying a prayer for this precious little girl named Gabby who lives not so far from my house here in the Philadelphia region.

This 5-year-old beautiful girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May of 2011.  Before that, she was a normal, happy five year old.  Can you imagine if your world was rocked with such horrible news?  It can happen to anyone in an instant and I have a hard time understanding the whys of something so terrible.

Please say some prayers for this sweet girl tonight.  You can see more info about Gabby’s story on GetWellGabby.Org.   There’s also a Get Well Gabby page on Facebook where you can follow along with almost 10,000 other followers.

Please say a little prayer for this girl – there’s power in numbers.


  1. this is tragic. I will say a prayer for Gabby and her family.

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