Releasing this Sunday is the much anticipated Bolt, available on DVD and Blu-Ray. What they are doing lately that I’m loving are these 3-disc packages – one purchase but you get three discs, one Blu-Ray, one DVD and one digital copy for your PC. It’s a great purchase if you own a Blu-Ray or ever intend to in the future as you then have copies of both.
The 3-disc package price is $27.99 on Amazon — and it’s available for purchase 2 days early, on March 22nd (this Sunday), two days before the regular DVD releases.
If you’re not into the 3-disc deal, you can also get the single disc DVD on Tuesday, March 24th for 16.99.
It’s a really cute story and definitely worth the purchase for any family’s movie library. Watch the trailer on YouTube if you aren’t familiar with the story – the premise is that Bolt’s a dog actor but doesn’t know he’s acting. So when he gets loose in the off-set/real world, he’s in for a shock (his special effects no longer exist.) Bolt’s voice is the voice of John Travolta, his human counterpart is Miley Cyrus, but my favorite in the film is Mark Walton as Rhino the Hamster. So funny.

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