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You all know the 2 minute brushing rule, right?  We are SO bad about it.  I try and get the kids to continue to brush but they complain it’s sooooo long and honestly, 2 minutes does feel long when you are brushing!

Firefly Toothbrushes offer a fun answer to keeping your kids engaged for the full 2 minutes.  These brushes light up – green, then yellow, then red as the child is brushing.  It goes in 60 second intervals so the kids can do a minute for the top teeth and then a minute for the bottom.

We started slowly last week with one minute for both sets of teeth and they were really into it so we’ve moved to doing 2 minutes and so far so good!  They love watching the timer “count down” via the lights.  Plus the actual toothbrushes are fun as they come in different character options.  My kids got Spiderman and Angry Birds but the girls aren’t left out with a Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake and more.  The entire character list is here on the Firefly Toothbrush site.

And you can buy them on!

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