I was so good the first time around. Nate’s baby book has his height, weight, head circumference and whatever else I could record, recorded. I was so detailed I got down to his height and weight on sick visits. I even have a first for random things like the first time he had scallops. Or the first time he had water ice. Of course poor Cole is the typical second child – I do my best but I’m lucky to get the standard info in at each well visit. And even then I think I’ve fallen behind.
A neat way to keep track of your child’s health – easy for both first and subsequent children – is this book from HealtheTracks. It’s a hardcover book that does all the organizing for you – there are spaces to record the important information, but if you can’t even get to that, simply put the pediatritian’s sheet into one of the provided folders until you have more time to fill things out.
Some other features include:

  • A little window in the front for you to insert child’s photo
  • A section for immunizations and allergies
  • Sections based on age. Birth-5 years, 6-12 years, 13-18 years and Growing up.
  • Growth charts from the National Center for Health Statistics. (the same chart your doctor pulls up at well visits to tell you what percentage your child falls in)
  • A section for teeth
  • A section for eyes and ears
  • several more related sections

You really have to bang me over the head to keep me organized these days. I know so many Moms out there who are the same way. That’s what it’s just so helpful when someone puts it all together for me in something like this.
The book retails for $19.95. Use coupon code mwstyle for $3 off and get the book for $16.95. The coupon is good for a limit of two books.

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