mtnblue This time around, its all about comfort and ease. I’m sure there will be occasions that I’ll look for flashy, attention-grabbing looks in the next year, but, really, when it comes to breastfeeding, I’m totally preparing for a year of comfort in my style.

Mountain Blue Eyes has comfort that compliments. Their line compliments your body and style. Nursing mothers get easy-access feeding in breathable, moveable, flexible clothing. Mountain Blue Eyes style is all about Colorado mountain comfort.  I have the tank and the nursing tee, both made of quick-dry polyester, which any summer-time nursing mama knows is ideal. And this fall I’m certain to add the nursing fleece to my wardrobe, maybe two, as I imagine I’ll want to wear it almost daily.

Pricing is Canadian, so click over to a currency converter to configure the pricing if you’re in the US. (The US dollar, thankfully from this end, is better.)  All phone and e-mail orders that mention Mommies with Style will receive a 15% discount. And when you order 2 or more items you’ll receive free shipping.

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