blueberry2.jpgLets get one thing straight. I’m not all that crunchy. I have no beef (or tofurky as the case may be) with crunchy folks but my ongoing attachment to my flatiron sort of prevents me from ever being labelled granola. Nevertheless, I have a healthy amount of guilt/concern about all the non-biodegradable disposible diaper refuse that my three kids created. So for #4 I vowed to try cloth. It sounds altruistic of me, and it is. Mostly. But to be completely honest it happened right after I saw how cute cloth diapering has become – the minky fabrics, the soft microfibers and cottony soft velour. What’s not to love? Uh, washing a bunch of poopy diapers sprang to mind. Well it turns out that it’s not all that bad.
The first cloth diapers we began to use withour tiny bottomed newborn were from Blueberry Diapers. They were the perfect starters because they were the only ones that fit and did not leak or make him look like an oompa loompa with a bad case of junk-in-the-trunkitis. Much as one size diapers are economical, they are also comically bulky on a newborn. Blueberry offers a nice assortment of styles with either snaps or velcro.
myearthbutton.jpg We started out with a variety of Blueberry products but fell in love with their all in ones with snaps. These are the perfect intro to cloth diapers, it turns out. Word to the cloth-curious, these are essentially the same thing as a disposible, fit and use-wise. Except instead of throwing it away, you wash and reuse it. Speaking of wash – they wash beautifully with no pretreating, no soaking, no stress and most importantly, no touching. In far less time than it takes to empty a seriously rank diaper genie, and haul that nasty plastic poop sausage to the curb, I have dumped my wetbag full of soiled cloth diapers inside out into the washer, put in two squirts of a gentle organic soap and hit the button for the hot cycle.
Consider Blueberry’s all-in-ones your gateway diaper. Once you realize you can do this, you graduate to the other cute and customizable stuff. It’s sort of like going from a point and click camera to an SLR. With their pocket diapers, fitted diapers and diaper covers, you can customize/tailor the fit and absorbancy of your diapering system to your baby’s body type and wetness levels.
blueberrydiapers1.gifBlueberry Diapers currently has an amazing buy two, get two free sale going on right now. Hop on over to grab a deal while supplies last.


  1. Wonderful are making me want to start cloth diapering and I live in an apartment with a communal laundry room!!

  2. Sarah Carney says

    I have started using cloth diapers in the last two months (my son is six months old). I was introduced to cloth diapers by a friend of mine and wasn't too sure about what I would think, but I thought I would try it. I love it! I currently use Drybees and BumGenius and have just placed an order for Blueberry diapers. I love how cute they are and I am helping the environment while saving money!

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