It’s been really interesting to watch my second son learn his letters and sounds this year.  I find I’m more fascinated with it this second time around than I was with my oldest.  Maybe because I was chasing around a crawling baby the first time?

Whatever it is, I feel like I have this small window of opportunity right now to teach Cole (newly turned 5) some Kindergarten readiness.  He’s in his last year of preschool and will be off on the bus with his big brother next year.

What’s neat about right now is that I notice that he *wants* to learn to read.  He’s had letter recognition for a long time but recently he’s into sounding things out.  We’ll be walking to the bus stop and he’ll be talking to himself, “p-p-p, P!”

So because of this interest, I was excited to check out PreK Scholars.  This DVD program provides a 22-week preschool curriculum to help prepare your preschooler for Kindergarten.  It covers early reading, phonics, basic math, science, language arts, handwriting and fine motor skills.

What’s neat is that it comes with tons of printable and fun at-home activities to keep your little one engaged.  You can check out an online demo of week one here on the PreKScholars website.

I think it’s pretty neat and Cole has been having fun playing with it.  We’re working on a different letter of the alphabet each week.  It doesn’t start with A but rather starts with some of the easier letters to learn and works its way up.  (Week one is P, week two H, etc.)  Fun characters help keep the kids interested along the way.  (Each character lives in “Scholarville.”  For example, Baker Bob teaches B.)

What I really love is watching Cole’s confidence grow as he learns words and letters.  I know it encourages him to have an older brother who can read – he wants to do what his big brother can do!

PreK Scholars also has an iPhone app that you can download from the iTunes store for $3.99.  Get the DVD program for $39.95 on the website.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a sample DVD of PreK Scholars to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We LOVED PreK Scholars last year when we did it! I love the creators of it as well – we met them last year at a convention and fell in love!

    You can read some of our fun times w/ PreK Scholars here

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