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Last summer, I was gifted a gorgeous black Baby Jane WZ Wallace Bag at Blogger Bash in NYC.  {This picture above is myself with a bunch of other Philly Mom bloggers who were there.}  I got it in Black Bedford and sinceI like to carry bright colors in warmer months, I waited until just recently to pull it out and start carrying it.

I’m mad I waited!  People are CONSTANTLY coming up to me asking about this bag.  It’s just gorgeous – beautiful and functional (all the pockets are PERFECT for my needs!)

I wanted to give them a shout out because a MZ Wallace bag would make a fabulous holiday gift for those of you still looking. (Guys, take note!)  For bigger needs from the Baby Jane I have, check out the Wallace Belle Bag.  My sister-in-law actually carries this bag and I’m especially enamored of the outside thicker strap to have different carrying options.

See what’s on sale on the sale page.

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