Last minute birthday party? Picky and hard to please kid to buy for? Perhaps you’re a boy mom that’s been tasked with getting a gift for a girly girl? Uh oh. You could call all your girly pals in a panic or you could click over to this site that is dedicated to making shopping for kid gifts a whole lot easier. Gift Hero gifting service to the rescue!

Gift Hero is a fabulous time and sanity saver. Their selection of gifts for kids of different ages, stages, genders and preferences is so carefully considered. There are gifts in a variety of price ranges too. No more last minute panicked trips to Target with “but Mooooom, why can’t I get a xyz?!!!” kids in tow!

We tested out Gift Hero two weeks ago when my son broke his leg on the first day of kindergarten. He was benched for over ten days and bored. It’s hard to keep an active 5 year old entertained. I challenged Gift Hero to find the “perfect pick me up” for my son and within two days, they truly delivered. They chose a Monster Truck set that you can detail and customize. My 5 year old decorated the cars and set them loose for his little brother to chase and bring back to him. We were all cheered up!

Take a minute to browse Gift Hero and bookmark it for all your gifting emergencies. I won’t tell you to break a leg though. My son’s first day of kindergarten was the last time I’ll ever use that phrase!

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