With all the Covid restrictions, Whitney and I have been doing a lot of running and playing tennis these past few months. I don’t know if it’s the increase in exercise or turning 40, but my shin splints and lower back have been giving me some pain.

Dr. Scholl’s has always been my go to for shoe inserts, but I mainly used them for my high heels. Then I learned about Dr. School’s Performance inserts made especially for runners. They are designed for performance, pain management and to help prevent injuries. I love that they fit perfectly in my shoes. I got the size 7-8 and it slipped right into my 7.5 shoes. I did take the original liner out of the shoe so it wasn’t too tight. I played tennis with them and it felt great! I felt like I had extra support in my arch with help with my lower back and the cushioning took the stinging away from my shins. I think I am even going to get another pair for my running shoes, because right now I am switching them back and forth from my tennis to running shoes.

This is the perfect gift for the runner in your life. All you need to ask them is their shoe size, then Amazon will ship directly to their door. Personalized and with premium packaging, it’s the perfect gift to say “I’m thinking of you” from afar this holiday season.

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