Several Mommies with Style have begun a quest… to find the ultimate gifts for a babysitter or younger sister. A few ideas to get us started:
Make it a personal gift by gifting stationery or gifts from Sure, she’s into texting, but she still needs to send those thank you notes to her grandparents after the holidays. Rather making her scurry to the store and pick up some generics, how about picking up some trendy personalized note cards? Also from Fine Stationery, you’ll find luggage tags, a necessisty for any travelling 24-year-old (ahhh… remember the days when we could jet set to Aruba and leave all cares behind…) and personalized gift enclosures/calling cards. And for the college student, or the high schooler who just accepted, check out the collegiate collection.
For your super-social partying sitter or sister, I have to recommend What’s a Dame to Do? A new board game for gals, your giftee will enjoy hours of laughs with this one. Players select from hilarious answers to suggest ways out of sticky situations. For example, one dilema card announced that a friend was “Trying to get to a seat at the movies I trip over a guy’s big feet and end up in his lap”, the other players laid down reaction cards, cards that they thought the player might repond with. The one that had us laughing the hardest that round? “Sit strategically.” After a round or two, and maybe a glass of wine, the game takes a hilarious turn and the laughter flows. So… you’re going to want to order two games this season. One for your little sister, and one for a girls night in January. Get 20% off at checkout when you enter promo code MWS.
Okay, a Tassi may seem like an out-of-the-ordinary gift, but if you have a sister or sitter with LOTS of hair, one who works so hard on her hair that to wash her face is a chore of keeping her hair dry and out of the way, I have to recommend a Tassi. My own sister (who I’m gifting a theme of travel items to… she… ahem… has a serious boyfriend now…), has super thick hair and washes then straightens about twice a week. Any more ruins her hair. So keeping her hair back from water when washing, and keeping the ‘do from damage with an elastic has always been a challenge. The tassi is a terry band, big enough to catch all her hair and hold it back gently. And keep the splashes out of it. Only $14.99, buy 2 or more to get free shipping.
Gifting a lady who listens? Then fun up her i-pod with EarPollution Plugz by ifrogz. Available in fun colors like hot pink, these buds isolate noise and the rubbery earpieces molds to the ear for a way more comfortable fit than those that came with the original MP3. Have some free time? Make sure you do, because you’ll also love checking out the custom ear plugz–select from fun and funky designs and mix and match with colors. I’m wanting to order several. Good thing they’re offering 40% off today!


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