girliegowns.jpg It’s not the tents in Bryant Park at Fashion Week in New York City, but when your latest creation makes their big premiere, you don’t have to skimp on style. You’ll be strolling (or rolling) down the maternity halls in haute style, with a personalized gown from Girlie Gowns.
It’s a new trend in maternity – dressing for your delivery. But it makes perfect sense given the fact that you will likely be photographed and will of course want to look and feel your best. Who wants to wear a grungy borrowed gown that has been through a hundred deliveries (don’t even think about it!) when you can wear something that is cute and monogrammed and your very own, instead?
Girlie Gowns delivers style to your doorstep that will see you through the big day. With three styles of perkily polka dotted gowns that can be monogrammed (to add that extra special touch) you can rest assured you will look marvelous. The gowns are made from crisp cottons in vibrant colors sure to make you feel fashionable. They are hospital friendly and provide access for breastfeeding and epidurals and they also keep your bum covered. And they tie closed with a cute little bow.
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  1. I do not recommend purchasing from this company. I purchased gowns from them earlier this year and they would not refund my money despite the fact that the gown was made incorrectly and delivered AFTER my child was born!

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