girlslovefrogs It’s so easy these days to find girl clothes that depict princesses, flowers and other girly things. But what if your girl has other interests that include science, cars, sports and even frogs? It’s not that simple to find clothes that aren’t big and boxy or located in the boys section that show your daughter’s other interests! So when my daughter was sent a girly looking sport tee from Girls Love Frogs Too, she was excited!

Girls Love Frogs Too celebrates some of the diverse passions that girls have while still showing how cute they can look. They create equal opportunity t-shirts so girls can be who they want to be. When kids love something enough, they want it everywhere in their lives and Girls Love Frogs Too can help get them started with their tees.

Girls Loves Frogs Too was born when the creator had a little girl who loved frogs. She also loved t- ball, dinosaurs and really fast cars, but she became discouraged with how difficult it was to find cute shirts for girls with stereotypically “boy” themes.

Girls love all different kinds of things! Take a look at the adorable graphic tees and use code MWS to save 5% off of your purchase.

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