Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 6.31.38 PM I have many reviews coming for you guys from last week’s trip to New York City. I went to a bunch of blogging events but my favorite is Sweet Suite, put on by Blogger Bash. It’s one night where all the best toy companies come together to showcase their latest. I loved walking around and seeing what’s new and will share some goodies with you moving forward.

Today I’m featuring I Am Elemental – action figures for girls, each action figure representing a cool super power. How I would have been ALL OVER this if these had existed when I was a little girl! Doesn’t every girl fantasize about what cool super power she could possess? (Okay well maybe that was just the geek in me but I don’t think I’m the only one!)

So you can buy them individually but I love the Lunchbox set ($65) where you can get all seven action figures in one series. They come with the cute lunchbox and a drawstring bag for each figure. This is the Courage Set for $65.

Here’s what I love too – they are promoting strong women with values that are admirable traits you want your child to have, like courage! And I love that the figures look healthy and fit – not too skinny but just strong.

You can find them on Amazon but they are a lot more affordable when you buy them directly through


  1. love the concept too! but wait? is Wonder Woman there? :o)

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