Now here’s a deal too hot to pass up — the Nicola Gift Set by Jimeale. It’s a travel collection that you can get at a discount and give back by doing so: the Nicola Gift Set by Jimeale not only makes the perfect present, but after purchase, 15% off the proceeds go towards breast cancer awareness.
And as a nice bonus, use coupon code Uptownliz to receive 20% off the purchase of the set (on top of knowing that part of your sale goes to charity).
So I found out about this one on the Uptown Liz site, another cool place to visit “where shopping gives back.” It’s an awesome organization that gives you info on great products and sites you can shop where spending money will help give back — retail philanthropy.
“Uptown Liz was founded to promote products from companies whose proceeds directly give back to charitable organizations. Through our online database, you can search by cause or product, with the knowledge that every time you link to a company and make a purchase, you are making a difference.” Love it.

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