Pre-kids, hubby and I were traveling fools.  Both together and alone, we have covered a good portion of the world and felt pretty passionately about it.  But you guys know how it goes once you have kids – it’s hard to get there, not the way you could pre-kids, right?

As my kids are getting older, we’ve been traveling a bunch again and I love it.  I want to show my kids the world and teach them about the world. Do you feel the same way?

Then Little Passports is an awesome product for you.  It’s a monthly subscription based service aimed for kids ages 5-12.  Two fictional characters – Sam & Sofia – travel the US or the world and send your child souvenirs and educational products about their travels.  You can opt for the World Version and get packages from countries like Egypt, Turkey, Spain and Antarctica — or the US Version, and Sam & Sofia will drop your child one package from two states every month!

You can get a subscription service for as little as 3-months ($13.95/month) to up to a year ($11.95/month).  Right now, Little Passports has an awesome deal that they posted to Facebook yesterday so there’s four days left – check it out!

5 Days only! Enjoy 40% OFF the 1st month of any new Month-to-Month Subscription.

Code: SAVE40

Order Here:

Lastly, next Wednesday, December 12th – I’ll be co-hosting a Twitter party for Little Passports along with my good friend Colleen (@classymommy) at 8 pm – fun prizing from Little Passports and we’ll be talking family travel so mark your calendar!

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