In honor of the launch of Marvel Super Hero Squad, a game being released later this month, Marvel is giving 3 costumes away to 3 lucky Mommies with Style winners! 

About the game:
Marvel Super Hero Squad is an action-adventure, multi-player game, which includes the new, super-stylized Marvel characters and features epic battles and nonstop, high-energy combat gameplay.  The Super Heroes and Super Villains are on a mission to find Infinity Fractals hidden throughout Super Hero City.  Infinity Fractals possess special powers that when fully assembled, can have altering effects on the Marvel Universe.  Players must choose whether to help save the city…or destroy it.
Platforms: PS2 ($19.99), PSP ($29.99), Wii ($39.99), DS ($29.99)
Release Date: 10/20

Black Suited Spider-Man Child Costume Size 7/8 

Captain America Child Costume Size 7/8 
The Incredible Hulk Boys Costume Size 7/8

Later this month, we’ll have 5 copies of the actual Wii version of the game to giveaway so be sure to check back!  In the meantime, to enter to win one of these costumes, comment below about what your child is dressing as this Halloween.  3 winners will be selected at random; the costumes will be matched to the winners at random.  This contest will end October 20th – winners will be notified and costumes shipped directly after.


  1. My son will be dressing up as either a firefighter or a doctor.


  2. My 5 yr. old is looking forward to being Iron Man. He couldn’t decide between that and The Hulk. Maybe he won’t have to now. He also loves Spiderman. But he dressed up as him for the past two years. Thank you for this great giveaway idea.

  3. My boy will be Ben 10 this year. It’s the only one they had left that he liked. Great promotion idea. Keep up the good work.

  4. My 6 year old will be Obi Wan Kenobi & my 2yo will be Yoday…my 4yo old, on the other hand, has a more “unique” costume…he was watching movies late night with DH and when DH thought he was asleep he started Braveheart…now my 4yo wants to be William Wallace (Mel Gibson’s character) from Braveheart with the kilt and blue face paint…the funny thing is that i have an old catholic school girl’s uniform that fits him for the kilt…we are still debating it, i think for Trick Or Treating it would be quite funny! For preschool though, he will be Wolverine!

  5. My youngest daughter will be a mime. I will be enjoying the silence 🙂

  6. My cute one will be a pirate!

  7. I will have Iron Man in the house!!!!

  8. My boys are going to be Mario and Luigi!!!! My older son loves all the Mario games and decided that his little brother had to be Luigi!!

  9. A little panda bear. 🙂

  10. My son is going to be Speed Racer! Thanks for the chance!!!

  11. My youngest is going to be a dragon and my oldest is the grim reaper

  12. My 5 yo is Captain hook & my 3 YO is Peter Pan. Dress up is their absolute favorite thing to do, so that might change in 2 weeks.

  13. My 5 year old will be a clone trooper, my 2 year old is a purple dragon!

  14. My 5 year old will be Wolverine (since his name is Logan – it’s the perfect costume!) My 9 month old is going to be Logan’s mini-me. He is also going as wolverine….exact same costumes-just different sizes!

  15. The 5 year old is Spiderman (Venom) with muscles:) The 2 year old will be a cute/friendly witch.

  16. My little one will be a pirate. Arrrgh

  17. My 5 year old, who is huge by the way and wears either a 6 or 7 already, was spiderman last year and wants to be a ghost this year. I would love him to be Captain America!

  18. we are still undecided! my 7 yo changes his mind it was spongebob!

  19. my whole crew has decided to each dress up as a character from lord of the rings. dh is a huge huge captain america fanatic though… i’m talking posters everywhere. lol… so if we won that costume, jack might have to be the oddball.. frodo would go out the window in a heartbeat. LOL!

  20. Love all three and currently my son is sporting these characters on his underwear! So send one of those costumes our way mainly because I don’t want to go out and find one of our own:)

  21. My son is still changing his mind daily! He is obsessed with Super Heroes lately, like Spiderman and Incredible Hulk but also wants to be a Pirate 🙂

  22. My son wants to be spiderman and my daugher wants to be snow white

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