WoCave Physical Items This is my final Skinny Cow post of the summer. (I guess technically it isn’t the summer anymore since it’s Labor Day but I’m just gonna pretend it’s still the summer for a few more days because I’m in denial!)

I had an awesome time this summer with Skinny Cow. If you missed any of my posts, I got to take my friends for manicures, go personal shopping at Nordstrom and host a breakfast and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s with some girlfriends. All the while, I got to taste some yummy treats from Skinny Cow!

This final post is two-fold. I wanted to remind you to be sure to visit the Skinny Cow WoCave page to get some cool ideas for your own lady lair – the WoCave.

I also have an amazing giveaway for one Mommies with Style reader. The Mommies with Style Skinny Cow WoCave prize pack includes a mini-freezer for delicious treats, an otto-wo-man, photo board, candy bowl and wall decal. ($400 value total)

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  1. yes, i have

  2. Yes

  3. Christina Z says

    Yes and love Skinny Cow

  4. I have not tried skinny cow yet, it looks delicious though!

  5. Yes I Have

  6. yes but see the larger selection now

  7. yes they are great such big portions mmm

  8. I have tried it and I like it!

  9. Yes and it’s delicious.

  10. Love skinny cow…would love this giveaway!

  11. Yes love skinny cow!

  12. I have tried Skinny Cow. They are delicious!

  13. Yes! I love their ice cream treats.

  14. Tangee Chacon says

    I have never had it before!

  15. Grace Aspinwall says

    Yes! I love skinny cow treats!

  16. I haven’t yet, but I’m interested!

  17. Yes, I loveeeee the ice cream sandwiches.

  18. Yes I have tried their ice cream sandwiches and love them 🙂

  19. deanna hanson says

    yes and most of the stuff is pretty good

  20. Mary Happymommy says

    I haven’t tried Skinny Cow.

  21. candice dyer says

    I have tried Skinny Cow candy and it is the bomb! I haven’t tried the ice cream yet, can’t wait!

  22. Yes I have, one of their ice cream products it was very good

  23. Catherine S. says

    I love Skinny Cow ice cream…delish!

  24. yes, their chocolate… but the bag’s always too small!!! LOL

  25. I’ve tried it and I love it!

  26. Christine Uniejewski says

    I have never tried Skinny Cow before. I look forward to trying them.

  27. I have never tried Skinny Cow before but I really should have.

  28. Yes I haved its so creamy & delicious without all the fats and sugar love it!

  29. We have never purchased the ice cream varieties, but we have some dreamy clusters and heavenly crisp in our pantry right now.

  30. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Yes! I Love Skinny Cow Products!

  31. No I havent but I need to because I love sweets, any it shows on my behind!

  32. I love skinny cow! The salted caramel ice cream bars are my favorite.

  33. I haven’t tried it yet

  34. I have not tried them, but they look really good!

  35. All I can say is YUMMO!!!!

  36. absolutely, love their ice cream

  37. Yes we have tried Skinny Cow! Love this giveaway!

  38. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    Yes and it was delicious.

  39. Yes! Skinny Cow products are so yummy! 🙂

  40. Yes I have they are really good! Don’t feel guilty eating them either 🙂

  41. Dana Rodriguez says

    Yes I love Skinny Cow!

  42. Angela Garza says

    Sadly, I have never tried this brand before.

  43. yes I tried them and thought they were great!

  44. No i have never, but ive heard nothing but great feedback about them.

  45. Kelly Porterfield says

    I have tried Skinny Cow. I love everything I have tried!

  46. I had some sort of ice cream sandwich thing. It was good!

  47. I have tried Skinny Cow candy, it’s soooo good!

  48. no

  49. Yes I have some candy in my kitchen right now. Even my kids love it.

  50. Yes I have tried skinny cow and love them

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