This is a great product and business idea.  The founder of realized that while one status update on Facebook might not mean much, collectively the pictures and the updates mean a whole lot.  For so many of us, our lives are journaled on Facebook and as time goes on they scroll away into the Internet abyss.  What if there was a way to remember your life via Facebook? is a website that allows you to do this. These paperbook 8×8 photo albums run themselves — connect to Facebook and it’ll make you a photo and status update album for a limited amount of time.

Here's one of my JotJournal pages. Important pictures and statuses but ones I hadn't saved for a regular photo album. Pretty neat, right?

I ran one for the last six months of my Facebook life. I can’t tell you all how cool this little album is.  It has updates of me griping about the winter, sick kids, mentions of my runs, pictures of my kids and much more.  One photo has a picture of our carved Halloween pumpkins – how fun is that?

Giveaway:  So here’s a totally awesome opportunity for the first 50 people reading this post.  Visit the Jot Journal Facebook page – there’s a code there that will work for the first 50 people who use it to get a free book – with free shipping!  Go!  Run!  Be nice and like them while you’re there too, okay?

And if you weren’t one of the first 50, no need to cry.  Once the code ceases to work (50 people have used it), the folks at Jot Journal will have a code up for $10 off (making your book only $5!)


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