Hey Mommies – DO NOT MISS entering this giveaway! Jewels & Pinstripes, the organization that puts together swag bags for celebrities and VIPs, has another fantastic baby bag to giveaway on Mommies with Style. As with the bags they’ve given away in the past, this bag comes full of all sorts of baby goodies!
Their bags change seasonally, and you have a chance to enter to win the New Girls in Tinseltown Baby Bag. This bag is valued at over $1,800.
Jennifer Garner, Rebecca Romijn, Alison Sweeney and Niki Taylor have recently received these bags!

The gift bag includes the following products: Isabelle Grace personalized charm necklace, Cardstore.com birth announcements and coordinating stationery, Angel Dear kimono sets and animal blankies, Kokopax classic carrier gift certificate, Fleurville Lexie tote in pink loveknots, Snuggle Me’z all-in-one infant car seat snuggler, Shari’s Berries gift certificate for one dozen pink chocolate covered strawberries, Ladybugs and Lullabies no slip bows and clips, Baby Butter onesie, Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels teething jewelry, The Peanut Shell pouch-style baby sling, Mabel’s Labels, Ladybugs and Lullabies pacifier clip with a set of Personalized Pacifiers, The bundle blanket in pink, chocolate and green dot, stride rite early walker shoes, gift certificate for The Patchwork Bear personalized handmade bear, gift certificate for Danajill Designs custom tutu onesie, Night Owl Baby owl onesie, Life is good little chick one peace and gift certificate for Name Your Tune personalized music cd.

To enter to win, leave us a comment about what items in the prize bag are your favorite! One winner will be selected at random after March 24th. Good luck!


  1. Annie Nelson says

    Love the peanut shell – so sweet for cuddling the little ones!

  2. i think my favorites would be the Danajill Designs custom tutu onesie (because i just know my babygirl is a future ballerina!) and the Ladybugs and Lullabies no slip bows and clips because she has so much darn hair! oh, and you can’t forget the pink choco-covered strawberries for mom – yum!!

  3. Love the sling from The Peanut Shell! Their fabrics are so beautiful and stylish!

  4. Claire O'Connor says

    I love the chewable jewelry! My daughter would chew on those instead of my shirts!

  5. Claire O'Connor says

    I love the chewable jewelry! My daughter would chew on those instead of my shirts!

  6. Alison Williams says

    Ummm… everything please!!!! I am a sucker for a cute tutu alothough my little “sucker” would love those personalized pacifiers! 😉

  7. Teresajesq says

    Love the Mabel’s Labels and the customized pacifiers!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Isabelle Grace necklace! I can’t think of any jewelry that would mean more to me! I can keep my babies with me all the time!!

  9. Love the night ow onesie. My 3 week old who is up all night has requested to wear it.

  10. I love the Mabel’s labels…what a great idea! And what little girl wouldn’t want a tutu onesie? So cute.

  11. I’ll have to go for the Tutu onesie! Adorable!

  12. Celia Tsao says

    The Mabel’s labels are so cute!

  13. Samantha V says

    I am having total preggo brain on what I need for the new baby and thus EVERYTHING in this basket would be super. I am especially drawn to the Fleurville Lexie tote, Bundle blanket, Peanut Shell pouch and tutu onesie. Me and my babe would feel exquisitely spoiled and stylish!

  14. Mary Kay Logan says

    I love the baby sling!

  15. bundle blanket in pink, chocolate and green dot

  16. My favorite item is the Danajill Designs custom tutu onesie. Very cute!

  17. I loved my peanut shell and this one is super cute!

  18. I don’t know how you expect us to choose just ONE favorite item, but if I must, I’d choose the Fleurville diaper bag. I’m a sucker for an awesome diaper bag.

  19. All the items are awesome but chocolate covered berries? come on! those are just too wonderful! :o)

  20. I love them all but my all-time favorites would be The Peanut Shell pouch-style baby sling, Mabel’s Labels, and stride rite early walker shoes.

  21. I love the tutu onesie…too much fun!

  22. This bag is a new mom’s life saver. It has many items to get me started. My favorite is the Snuggle Me’z all-in-one infant car seat snuggler. It is a MUST have for Central NY winters/fall & spring!

  23. OMG, PINK chocolate covered strawberries?? I would tear through the stuff just to get to those!!

  24. ooo – everything looks great; to pick a fav – maybe the Fleurville bag, or the Ladybugs and Lullabies no slip barettes!

  25. Jean Grosick says

    I’ve been wanting to try Mabels Labels… and especially have wanted a Fleurville bag for ME (moms need pretty stuff too!)

  26. love the isabelle grace jewelry

  27. LOVE the Fleurville Lexie tote

  28. Amber Gros says

    I love mabel’s labels I have them everywhere. Great for kids clothing.

  29. Those Mabel’s Labels are just AWESOME! I can’t believe how many things I’ve had to label in my kiddo’s world.

  30. How do you pick just one thing? I think the charm necklace is probably my most favorite! 🙂

  31. Rachel Hart says

    I am a huge fan of Shari’s Berries chocolate covered strawberries as well as Ladybugs and Lullabies no slip bows and clips. They stay in my daughter’s hair!!

  32. The Shari’s Berries have gotten my mouth watering, but the entire basket would be fabulous!

  33. There’s a lot of great things. I’d love the Peanut Shell pouch especially though.

  34. Debbie Mora says

    What an awesome set to win! I love the chewable jewelry, I love necklaces and my 6 month old loves to chew, what a great combo! And chocolate covered strawberries mmmm can’t go wrong there. Thank you

  35. Sally Damron says

    Love it all! What a tremendous give away. There are so many products that I have used that appear in the bag. My sister is pregnant and if I won it what a fabulous gift this would be!

  36. I love the Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels and the no slip clips!

  37. I’m a full time nanny to a 2 month old and a 4 year old, I also bring my 5 month old with me. The kokopax classic carrier would be great for me to carry my baby in while I am with the other two kids. The personalized CD would also be awesome, I know that repeating my daughters name to her will help her learn her name. Plus, my Ruby LOVES music! What could be better than listening to fun songs with her name in them?!

  38. Genius!
    Dr.Bloom’s Chewable Jewels are my favorite items in this fabulous swag bag!!

  39. I love the no slip bows!

  40. This is an excellent giveaway! I love Mabels labels….so great for school but everything in this bag looks fabulous!!

  41. Love and want it all! Especially the Isabelle Grace personalized charm necklace 🙂

  42. A friend of mine has the Name Your Tune cd and it’s great! Her little girl goes crazy for it. I would love to have one for my little girl. It would be great to see that kind of excitement in her when she hears her name on the radio.

  43. The Stride Rite shoes are my favorite! You can never be too young to have an obsession for shoes!

  44. Oh my goodness!!! What baby girl doesn’t need a onesie tutu? How stinking cute!!

  45. Love Peanut Shell slings!

  46. Stephanie says

    My favorites are the peanut shell baby sling and the blanket (especially since our daughter’s nursery will be chocolate brown and pink!) What a great assortment of cool stuff!

  47. Angel Dear clothes are the softest and I love their classic style! So does my toddler – we agree on something now anyway!

  48. I’d have to say I would be most excited about the chocolate covered strawberries. 🙂 I love them, and never get them for myself, seems too extravagant I guess. 😉

  49. Sooo much to love. The snuggle me, the bundle blanket, the carrier. They are all great things. I love it all, the chocolate strawberries make it even sweeter!

  50. I love the fleurville bag. It’s perfect to hold items for a whole day out with the kids!

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