Last month I shared with you how much I am looking forward to using my new Skip*Hop Studio Tote. Nearly packed, I’ll be so ready for baby with this bag.
I don’t know a mom that doesn’t need a Skip*Hop to be stylishly organized, even celeb Brooke Burke is organized as she carries her’s. So this Mother’s Day we’re teaming up with Skip*Hop to give away a Studio Tote to a Mommy with Style.
Want to win? Here’s what to do: Check out the Studio Tote on Skip*Hop’s webpage. Then come back to MWS and tell us (by replying to the comments, below) which color Skip*Hop Studio Tote you want to win. That’s it! Be sure to include your e-mail in the comment form, without it, we can’t contact you if you’re the winner. We’ll send the winner an e-mail on Saturday (what a great gift!), and she’ll have 24 hours to reply before we pick an alternate.


  1. Oooh, fun giveaway! I’d definitely want the dark gray one, love it.

  2. ShannonD says

    I would love to have this bag. I am expecting twins in September and know I will need lots of space for their stuff. I love the chocolate color.

  3. Cute bag! I’d definitely get black.

  4. ShannonD says

    I would love to have this bag. I am expecting twins in September and know I will need lots of space for their stuff. I love the chocolate color.

  5. Black Skip Hop Studio tote.

  6. ShannonD says

    Oops. forgot my email I like the chocolate color.

  7. I’ve been looking for a new bag! I love the studio tote in black because then it would go with everything!
    Kateyhyde at comcast dot net

  8. I’d love the dark gray bag!

  9. Kim Weiner says

    I would love the champagne color bag, it looks like a great bag.
    Kim Weiner

  10. Hmmmm chocolate or black???? I’d probably go with chocolate. Cute!!!
    give_me_a_latte at yahoo

  11. I love the black one! So practical for going out with or without the kids.

  12. Leslie Bogstad says

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE the black!

  13. What a great diaper bag! My favorite color of the studio tote is the champagne!

  14. I love the skip hop studio and have been eyeing it for months. As a mom of a toddler I basically stopped using a diaper bag, but since #2 is coming next month I can’t wait to get a studio! It comes in so many great colors- I’m torn between dark gray and champagne, but I’m leaning towards champagne since its more of a summer color…hope I win!

  15. Would love to win the black!

  16. charmain says

    OMG! Champagne! How cute is this bag?!

  17. charmain says

    forgot my email address! (I’m OMG, I love the champagne lady)

  18. Okay, I never seem to win anything but I will give it another try. I would really like the SkipHop tote in Champagne.

  19. I would use the chocolate skip*hop bag even after my baby gets older!!!

  20. A bag that will fit all of baby’s stuff and mine too! I would love mine in black.

  21. I love the Black diaper bag!

  22. i have been searching high & low for a perfect diaper bag & would love this one!!

  23. melissa says

    Would love the dlack studio skip hop tote!

  24. I LOVE the chocolate!

  25. Oh I am so in love with champagne tote. What a fantastic looking bag. Thanks for posting the review

  26. Stefanie says

    I really like the black!!! It looks like a great bag!

  27. I would love the dark gray one. By the way, COOL GIVEAWAY!

  28. Trish Christie says

    Love this bag! I would like the champagne color. Hope I win!!

  29. So cute! I’ve love the champagne one.

  30. Ooo….chocolate brown. Pick me!!

  31. Tough choice… I love both the chocolate and the champagne. If I had to pick one it would be the chocolate (the practical side in me says that the chocolate would match more outfits and not get as dirty as fast…)

  32. I’d love to get the Skip*Hop Studio Tote in Black. Absolutely love the chic style of this diaper bag! Thanks 🙂

  33. barbara says

    I love these bags! I’d go for the champagne.
    bb.nospam – at –

  34. Hook me up ladies! I’m in love with the champagne bag. Thanks!

  35. I love this bag. So functional. I would love it in the dark gray color if I had to choose. Thanks and happy Mother’s day!

  36. I like the champagne

  37. oo – I love the champagne color will be perfect with a new baby and the toddler!

  38. Black. Definitely. It’s hard (okay, impossible) to justify a new diaper bag purchase with a 2.5-year old, but I’d LOVE this.

  39. I would love this in chocolate.

  40. Chocolate! Love it!

  41. Kristina says

    I love the chocolate one!! I would love to own this bag!

  42. I love the dark grey!

  43. I like the black one.

  44. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the champagne tote. i am absolutely in love with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a great looking bag which i would use everyday, i have been looking for the perfect diaper bag and here it is 🙂

  45. Oh gosh, I would love one!! I covet the chocolate one.

  46. kristenita says

    ooh! I need a new bag… I love the champagne one.

  47. I’d love to win the dark grey!

  48. I’d love to win the dark grey!

  49. dark grey –

  50. hillary wald says

    OO i just love this bag!! Would love to have it in the champagne……Hope i win!!

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