Hi Mommies – we’ve got a great giveaway for you this week, if you win, it’ll be a nice little post-holiday present!
Three winners will each win one of each of the following games: Lovely Lisa for the Nintendo DS and Penny Racers for the Wii. You can read my review of each game from last October here.
To enter, leave a comment in this post: What’s your favorite tv show this season?
Three winners will be selected at random from the people who comment after January 14th, 2009.


  1. Prison Break!

  2. My favorite show this season is GREY’S ANATOMY! I LOVE that Mer and Der and back together.

  3. favorite show – Gossip Girl – I know I’m not a teen or even in my 20’s and to old to “relate” but I love it!!!
    -GG addict

  4. BROTHERS & SISTERS, what a great cast.

  5. I love Top Chef!

  6. My favorite show is Heroes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. LOVE Gossip Girl! My guilty pleasure. =)

  8. With five boys, my favorite shows tend to be those that are the most girly! (anything but WWE!!) I’m excited to watch the Bachelor…:)

  9. I am enjoying THe Mentalist.

  10. My favorite show this season is probably Law & Order SVU. It is just an old classic that gets better as time goes on. Thanks!

  11. Gossip Girl is still my ultimate guilty pleasure.

  12. I love The Real Housewives of the OC! I can’t get enough of these women and their unbelieveable lives!

  13. Eli Stone! What a great show! I heard rumors that this is its last season. Too bad.

  14. Sonja Heiser says

    Big Bang Theory. Hilarious!

  15. Ugly Betty!!

  16. Real Housewives of OC I can’t think of any show more entertaining and am so happy they are back in OC. Do I occasionally want things they have like… oh… a yacht! No way. *wink*

  17. My favorite show is Chuck. I can’t wait until they have new episodes again.

  18. I LOVE lost!

  19. My favorite TV show is Gossip Girl

  20. My favorite TV show is Gossip Girl

  21. have to say 30 Rock… love Tina Fey.. the characters are hysterical,the things they come up with are a riot.. i laugh out loud watching the show!

  22. My favorite show is LOST but while I’m waiting for it to return I’m watching ER and CSI

  23. stacey schantz says

    lipstick jungle!

  24. I rarely get to watch tv anymore but I make time to watch The Biggest Loser! It’s so motivational to keep me going to lose the last of those baby pounds!

  25. I love Grey’s Anatomy and Top Chef, too 🙂

  26. Have to admit .. my newest guilty pleasure is MTV’s “The City”. It’s a great escape.

  27. I am so glad I am not the only one who loves Gossip Girl!! Also a huge Project Runway fan!

  28. Grey’s Anatomy, hands down!(Although American Idol is starting again next week, sssh, don’t tell anyone, but I LOVE that show!!)

  29. My favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy!! Some say the quality has gone down, but I still love it!

  30. Lipstick Jungle…glad they decided not to cancel it

  31. Old Japanese versions of “Iron Chef”



  34. I really like Desperate Housewives and looking forward to the return of Lost.

  35. Top Chef, but I’m a sucker for Law & Order and I’m sure I’ll get sucked into American Idol again!

  36. Cross between The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and Grey’s Anatomy… while waiting for the next season of Project Runway!

  37. Favorite show is 24!! I’m so glad it’s finally back with a new season.

  38. Jackie Goodrich says

    PRIVATE PRACTICE! I really like it. Surprisingly, it’s good!

  39. Jackie Goodrich says

    PRIVATE PRACTICE! I really like it. Surprisingly, it’s good!

  40. Jennifer Bennett says

    Grey’s Anatomy!!

  41. Just one??? Here are my top 3…Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

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