Hey Mommies – want to win a great gift pack from Earth’s Best for your baby or toddler? Earth’s Best makes organic baby food. It’s good stuff! I used their products with both of my kids.
They’re offering 3 prize packs to 3 lucky Mommies with Style readers. The details of the prize are below. Since I figured not all of you are on the baby food plan right now, I thought we’d make it specific to those readers who could use these. So if you are interested, leave a comment in this post.
How old is your baby or toddler that you are entering this contest for? (Or if you are entering for a friend or relative, how old is their baby?) Everyone’s eligible, you just have to enter to win! 3 winners will be selected from the folks who respond. This contest will run until end of the day February 5th. Winners will be selected after that time.
The First Foods Gift Pack includes: 4 jars each of organic First Foods Apples, Pears, Peas, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots ,4 jars each of 4 oz Apple Juice & Pear Juice, a delightful Earth’s Best Cereal Bowl and Bib and we will also include a copy of the book, “Guess How Much I Love You”. ($30 Value)
Earth’s Best is the first and only full line of organic baby food. As parents look for ways to trim their grocery bills we hope this reward program will help them continue to buy organic for their babies. As you may know, baby’s developing bodies are particularly vulnerable to the toxins found in non-organic foods so it is best to choose organic baby products whenever possible.
The “Celebrate the Firsts” promotion is a receipt redemption program. Parents can save money on our organic baby products including formula, jar foods, juices, cereal, teething biscuits and pastina by sending in receipts for the Earth’s Best products they purchase.
Here are the rewards:
$5 in coupons and bib for receipts totaling $25.
$10 in coupons plus travel size Jason Organic baby body care for $50 worth of receipts.
$15 in coupons plus Fisher Price Tubtime Friends for $100 worth of receipts.
There is also a sweepstakes element which offers parents a chance to win infant and toddler toys from Fisher Price and free Earth’s Best food gift packs.


  1. My little man is 4.5 months old–this would be perfect!

  2. Meg Rudnick says

    Hi! How wonderful. Brady is 8 months old next week. We are trying all different organic foods and would love to give this a try! Thanks!

  3. Sonja Heiser says

    My little princess, Elliana, will be 7 months old on Feb. 1. Earth’s Best sweet potatoes are her favorite!

  4. My daughter is 10 and a half months. I love that I can offer her organic foods the majority of the time.

  5. My daughter is 8 months. I LOVE the Earth’s Best line of organic foods & so does she!

  6. We would love to receive this prize pack!
    Our youngest, 8 months, loves it! We love the goodness Earth’s Best offer…plus, it’s organic, so you can’t get better than that!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. We would love to receive this prize pack!
    Our youngest, 8 months, loves it! We love the goodness Earth’s Best offers…plus, it’s organic, so you can’t get better than that!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I have two little guys under the age of 2, so I’d love to be the winner!!!

  9. I have two little guys under the age of 2, so I’d love to be the winner!!!

  10. My daughter is a brand-new ONE year old!

  11. My daughter is 9mo and she is an enthusiastic eater of all things Earth’s Best! I will definitely have to remember to keep my receipts for that rewards program.

  12. my daughter is almost eleven months old and adores earth’s best everything!

  13. My baby boy is 6 months.

  14. My little one is due beginning of April. This would be great for him!

  15. My little man is 7 months old and loves to eat!

  16. We love Earths Best in our house! My little man, Ryan 6 months, loves the sweet potatoes!!!
    Your site is the best! I check it everyday…sometimes twice! Thanks for all the wonderful info! 🙂

  17. The little man in my life just turned 6 months, I can hardly believe it!

  18. This would be perfect, I try to feed my baby organic food as much as possible! My little boy is 6 months old.

  19. My little guy is just 1 year old yesterday. He would gooble this up.

  20. Shandis Ching says

    My daughter just made 8 months yesterday and not the “best” eater, but we’re working on it! :o)

  21. My guy’s 19 months!

  22. My little guy is almost 4 months old. We want him to be started on the healthiest!

  23. My daughter is 5 months.. still working on getting her to take her rice cereal, but hopefully we’ll get there by 6 mo!

  24. My little one is 10 weeks old. We used (and loved!) Earth’s Best with her big brother and plan on doing so again with her in a few months.

  25. My son just started solids after being EBF. He’s 6.5 months old and is just now enjoying cereals, squash and applesauce.

  26. We have been using Earth’s day one. I’ve even tried making some of my own food based on their food combinations! My little girl is 9 months old.

  27. Please pick me! My daughter is 8 months and loves Earths Best!

  28. Christina G says

    This would be great. My daughter is 5 months old and is just starting to try cereal. I’d love to try this product.

  29. My little guy is nine months and he loves eating anything!

  30. Veronica M. says

    My babe is 6 months old. It would be awesome to be able to try Earth’s Best.

  31. Ami Vasquez says

    Jacob is 7 1/2 months and would love to win!

  32. My son is 6 months old and only eats Earth’s Best — I love that it is organic and their food combinations are the best out there!! Thanks for considering us for the prize pack!!!

  33. My little one is almost 9 months old. She likes Earth’s Best pears. Yum!

  34. My niece who is 6 months old, and will be ready for this once I win them for her! thank you!

  35. My nephew is 9 months and LOVE this food – he is pretty picky. This would be perfect for my sister!

  36. My little one is due Feb 16th and I plan on feeding him/her organic baby food like I did with my other two. Earth’s Best has great products and I’d love to win the basket.

  37. Hope Stevens says

    My daughter LOVES Earth’s Best pears, apples and bananas-she’s 15 months, but we still mix it in her oatmeal and she eats it right up! She also has a brand-new cousin who will be eating baby food in a few months!

  38. Danielle S. says

    My 8 month old son is a breastmilk and Earth’s Best baby! He loves EB’s cereal, sweet potatoes and apples – thank you for offering this prize pack…we hope we win!

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