With two boys, it’s pretty much par for the course that anything creepy, crawly or small and bug like is a hit in our house.

So needless to say, since my kids love looking at ants outside, they were more than thrilled to have ants inside of the house via our new Ant Hill from Insect Lore.

The kit arrived separately from the ants.  I put the kit away until the ants came in the mail, and then unveiled everything.

I know a lot of bloggers were skeeved out by the ants.  While I am definitely a girly girl when it comes to spiders, ants don’t seem to phase me so this didn’t bother me so much. That said, I think hubby was as excited as the kids to put this together so my three boys sat down to put everything together.

They put the ants in and we set the habitat on our counter.  Over the course of several days, it was cool to see the ants go to work, making little pathways for themselves here and there. At one point a couple of ants were trapped in a little spot that was “caved in.”  My kids were very concerned but the next morning they had somehow dug out and all was right in our Ant Habitat again.

The Insect Lore Ant Hill retails for $19.99. It’s currently on sale at Amazon for $15.12 and you can still get it in time for Christmas!

Here are some photos of hubby and my boys putting this together the night the ants arrived:

And one week later, this is how our ants have changed their habitat to suit their needs:

It’s been really fun to watch.  Even I’ve gotten into it – I like coming down each morning to see what new tunnel they’ve dug overnight.  And the kids haven’t lost their enthusiasm for this as they do with so many other things – time will tell but I think this one is definitely a keeper.

Giveaway: Additionally, I have a fun giveaway to go along with this post.  You can enter to win two sets of the Ant Hill – one for yourself and one for your child’s teacher for the classroom!   Comment to enter below.

One winner will be selected at random after December 22nd. Extra Entries:  Tweet about this giveaway.  Suggested tweet:  I just entered to win 2 @insectlore Ant Hills from @mommieswstyle

I’m a part of a campaign with Insect Lore.  Last month I reviewed their Buzzerks glasses.  I also reviewed their Butterfly Garden back in July when I wasn’t a part of this campaign but had won a kit at a local event just thought this was a really cool product.


  1. Why is that last image showing up in the gallery! Ugh! I can not get that to fix. Sorry folks, let’s just go with it…

  2. LOVE IT! Saw it at the store last week…looks SECURE! ha ha ha!

  3. We had the gel ant kit at my work and I was really surprised at how long they can survive. My son (and my cat) would love this.

  4. My first grade students would LOVE this!

  5. I love Insect Lore. We got a butterfly cage from them and my boys’ preschool class loved it! Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  6. Insect lore has cool things. We ordered the caterpillars last spring and got to watch them turn into butterflies! How fun!

  7. I’d love to get this! I have three boys, and am actually an insect scientist myself! (And I *know* my oldest’s first grade teacher would love one, too!)

  8. How does it differ from my ’60s ant farm? – they died loong ago.

  9. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says

    This would be great for my two year old who just told me ants were made of wood! HA!

  10. Oh, my son would think this is just the coolest thing. And so would his teacher and 2nd grade classmates. The boys have the majority and they are ALL typical boys who love bugs and outdoor stuff.

  11. Karla Sceviour says

    My son would absolutely love this! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  12. Karla Sceviour says
  13. My daughters would love this. Thank you for this giveaway.

  14. My daughter would be facsinated by this! It’s a double bonus to have one for her classroom as well. Crossing my fingers!!!

  15. My “Eww” reaction confirms that my boys would *LOVE* this! What a fantastic idea to include a second one for the classroom. Very cool! Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. My son is a bug fanatic. Last year for Easter we got a huge tub of ladybugs (probably about 200) from the local nursery and set them free in our backyard. At only barely 2 years old he knew all about the ladybugs, what bushes they enjoyed and their favorite meal of aphids (he could even say the word clearly). He DOES have a hard time understanding why it’s too cold for the ladybugs right now but we are working on that. So….I think something like this that we could keep inside and watch would be just perfect! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  17. We have gotten the butterflies from Insect Lore. My daughter and her 3rd grade class would love the Ant Hills.

  18. I would have to decide which child’s classroom would get it. I know my kids would really love this.

  19. my boys would definitely love this! 🙂

  20. Anne Lehnick says

    My son would be mesmerized by this. I would think it was pretty cool, too.

  21. This is such a cool project. I think the kids in the class room could really get into watching this. I know my 2 at home would really enjoy it! Thanks

  22. Holy cow….got three boys and THIS would be a hit here! Would also be fabulous for the classroom!

  23. My son would LOVE this! Thanks!

  24. Great giveaway – would love to win!

  25. Thanks for the great giveaway! My 3 year old and her preschool class would LOVE this!!

  26. Reminds me of when my brothers had an ant farm 60 years ago!!

  27. My daughter would love this!

  28. I love it that the prize includes one for the kid’s school. My grandson’s school like schools all over our state is suffering from the current economic crunch and every little bit.

  29. My son (and his class) would love this. Pretty fascinating.

  30. My daughter loves bugs and such, and would love to have this. What a awesome giveaway, thanks!!!

  31. Would love to win this great giveaway.

  32. MY kids would LOVE this, i think I may even enjoy it too and I do NOT like bugs!

  33. beth shepherd says

    This would be wonderful to win for my 3 children
    thank you

  34. beth shepherd says
  35. i love watching ants and so does my son!

  36. Paula Hafner says

    My kids would love this. I did an ant farm when I was a kid for a science fair. Mom didn’t realize I had dug u fire ants, until I had a jar full of them in the house 🙂 I didn’t get bit. I ended up with a A+.

  37. My kids would love this. Thanks for the chance.

  38. I homeschool my 4 kids and they would love this.I would take the second one to the kindergarten teacher who taught my 3 oldest before I removed them from public school.Thanks!

  39. My daughter would love this, and to have one for the class would be great too! suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  40. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/suelee1998/status/17642057703096320
    suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  41. susan smoaks says

    i would love to win!

  42. Wow this is really cool. I have three boys and they’d LOVE it!
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  43. Twitter follower (@beckytag) and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/beckytag/status/17768532989190144
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  44. I would love to give one to the elementary school in my area.

  45. Thats so cool as long as they dont get loose..lol my son would love it 🙂

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