Here’s a fun one: Scott Common Sense has generously donated a year’s supply of paper towels to one lucky Mommies with Style winner. Who couldn’t use that with the lives we lead?
So here’s the deal – let’s have a good time with it. To enter, leave a comment about the last mess you used a paper towel to clean up. I’m sure with our readership, your responses will be fun to read. This contest will close at the end of the day, Wednesday, October 8th. One winner will be selected at random from the responses (no judging contest here, I’m sure we all have lots of mess to clean!) after that time.
For more info on Scott Common Sense, check out their website which is full of tips, articles and tools for money and time saving household solutions.
Oh and obviously I’m not eligible but the last thing I used a paper towel to clean up was juice. Although I did clean up cat puke today too. Yum yum.


  1. With 3 dogs, 90% of my clean-ups involve them, and was definitely my last mess.

  2. I have 4 boys!!! Need I say more?! I used paper towels last night when I spilled and broke a jar of salsa, my 4-year-old spilled a vase of flowers and a cup of milk was spilled. Don’t cry over spilled milk – just clean it up πŸ™‚

  3. Being a mom of an active 3 year-old (is there any other kind?!), messes abound in our household. It usually involves, water, dirt or some household material (flour, sugar) and either the floor or table. Never a dull moment for any paper towel πŸ˜‰

  4. It was this morning’s vanilla bean coffee – spilled all over the table…and me by a rambuncious 2 year old…and I used like 1/2 a roll of paper towels!

  5. My 18 month old is ALWAYS making a mess at every meal and I have to clean her pretty & messy face πŸ™‚

  6. Kelly Raudenbush says

    Halloween sprinkles! My kids decorated caramel apples with festive sprinkles and we got a million of them all over the kitchen floor. They were not easy to get up either since they were covered with caramel!

  7. Formula, milk , dried up food … ahhhhhhh the life of kids

  8. Greetings! What a fabulous giveaway drawing contest. My last clean up project was after our 10 week old puppy.
    We have only had “Daisy” for a couple of weeks now. Our two sons wanted a puppy, so we gave in. She is an adorable rescue from a puppy mill. Daisy has bronchitis from her circumstances. From house training to bronchitis spit ups, that is where we are using our paper towels. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. I appreciate it! Thanks, Cindi

  9. I just used almost a whole roll of paper towels to clean up an entire jar of spaghetti sauce that spilled on the floor, inside the fridge, on my baby’s exersaucer, all over me, and all the counter doors. I actually used more than one roll.
    PLease pick me and replenish my supply πŸ™‚
    Sara, mum to 5

  10. I just used paper towels to clean up strawberries and watermelon my son smeared all over a chair at his playgroup

  11. Let’s see… I guess that would be my 2 yr old daughter’s yogurt I cleaned up last. She usually loses about half a spoonful between bowl and mouth. πŸ™‚

  12. the last thing i cleaned up with my baby’s breakfast thrown on the floor this morning!

  13. This morning DD played with her stamps. Needless to say, damp paper towels were used to wipe ink from arms, the table, hands, a knee and the floor.

  14. I cleaned up my kids faces and hands after supper, pizza! What a mess!

  15. I last used a paper towel to clean up peanut butter, off of DD’s hands, face, hair, body, our walls, the pantry shelves…little miss figured out how to open the jar & grabbed handful after fun-filled handful until I caught her. Little stinker! The paper towel cleanup was quickly followed by a bath! πŸ™‚

  16. toothpaste. at least it was just on the counter rather than in her stomach…

  17. Robin Schorr says

    I use paper towels for EVERYTHING, I am obsessed with using them for some reason. The last thing I used one for was to clean up chocolate pudding my daughter had for dessert that wound up in places other than her mouth!

  18. Tracey Hansen says

    This past weekend my husband finally installed the paper towel holder I bought TWO years ago!!
    The last mess I cleaned up was some cat puke. Lovely.

  19. My in-laws came in for a visit this weekend and when my mother-in-law opened the fridge, one of the door shelves fell on her and a bottle of hot sauce broke and went everywhere. It took several paper towels to get up the mess and trying to keep my daughter from trying to help clean up made it an extra challenge. πŸ˜‰

  20. tonight’s dinner that DD refused to eat and dumped all over the floor…

  21. The last thing I used paper towels to clean up was my 11 month olds high chair. She is very handy at smearing half chewed and leftover food all over her tray!

  22. The last thing I used a paper towel to clean up was spilled milk.
    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Peas that my 9 month old son spit at me today.

  24. I just cleaned up the bathroom counter left by our daughter after she brushed her teeth.

  25. The last thing I used paper towels to clean was three LARGE piles of dog vomit. My lovely golden retriever “retrieved” a tube of butt paste out of the diaper bag and managed to eat the entire thing, licking the inside of the tube clean. Twenty minutes after my discovery of the chew-on, cleaned-out tube, I step in a warm, gooey pile, resembling the brownish-gray color of butt paste. It took nearly an entire roll to clean up that mess. Luckily the dog was feeling fine after that!

  26. The last mess I cleaned up with a paper towel? It was lemon juice that squirted all over my kitchen (even in my eye – ouch!) while preparing dinner tonight.
    Lemon chicken . . . yum!

  27. Doggie throw up ):

  28. Sonya Carlisle-Haye says

    My family uses a roll of paper towels a day and some days its more than that.

  29. the last thing i cleaned up was this morning and luckily i read this contest becuase i’m sure no one else could have had my morning. my 1 yr old daughter has learned to take off her diaper and while i was trying to make the bed and get breakfast started i realized that it was “too quiet” and when i looked over at her i could not believed my eyes and all i could do is scream..OMG! she had pooped and was using it to finger paint on the hardwood floor. needless to say a lot of paper towel, wipes, disinfectant, and many cleaning aids were used to clean the mess. i just wish i could clean the image from my mind. i am now thinking of taping her diaper closed to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  30. The last mess I cleaned up with paper towels was a yummy jar of sweet potatoes and glass!! Ahh thank goodness for papertowels.

  31. My 1 year old daughter gagged her self to the point of vomiting this evening. That was the last thing I cleaned up using paper towels. Fun Fun.

  32. Last mess.. apple juice.

  33. The last time I cleaned up a mess with paper towels was snack time today. My 2 year old loves yogurt, he just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of eating it, yet. I’m just happy that he’s trying!

  34. The last time I used paper towels was when I fed dinner to my 15 month old son. Every meal is a mess.

  35. Can’t blame the children for this one!…I dropped my morning latte in the center console on the way to work. Thank goodness I had a role of paper towels in the truck. Went through a good portion of the role soaking the latte up from the carpet! Yuck!!

  36. My two year old was covering her hand with ketchup and making handprints on her highchair tray. She was so proud! She asked for a paper towel to clean her hands after she was finished.

  37. Last mess we cleaned up using paper towels was just last night – my daughter dropped her popsicle on the floor.

  38. Last thing(s) I cleaned up with the paper towels were (all in the same instance too!): Cat puke, dried up soy milk that had been spilled on the floor at breakfast that I didn’t actually notice till the cat puked in the same spot, the puddle of water in front of the kitchen sink left there from DH’s messy dish-washing, and the entire bowl of water from the cats’ water dishes that DD soooo loves to play in. Thank god for a multitude of paper towels in our house!

  39. My daughter awoke from her nap, went potty like a big girl and then decided to make a ‘map’ in her bedroom. She put her shoes in the poop in the potty and then ‘stamped’ footprints all around her bedroom. She didn’t understand why Mommy wasn’t so proud of her work! I used a whole roll of papertowels on that mess.

  40. jackie louk says

    what mess everything and anything, food on the floor- mess on the counter and the best the mess on my little ones!

  41. baby food mixture — bananas, black eyed peas, applesauce, green beans, and green peas all pureed together.

  42. The last thing I cleaned up was a dirty little face full of baby food πŸ™‚

  43. Just an hour ago…Our two year old had some dirt on his nose. My husband requested a paper towel and as I grabbed a paper towel, I wet it and got some water on the floor. He then said, ‘How do we go through so many paper towels?’ It was quite funny. I try to cut back.

  44. I really do use paper towels to clean up everything, but the last thing I wiped up with a paper towel was a bit of butternut squash I flung at my husband:)

  45. Renee Turner says

    My daughter tried to open a 2 liter bottle of soda only to have it explode all over the place.

  46. Last mess was a tin of powered hot chocolate……it wasn’t fun.

  47. Last mess was a tin of powered hot chocolate……it wasn’t fun.

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