I have been loving Mama Mio products since Middle was born. Its amazing the difference a good, healthy body product will do. I know many of our readers have jumped on the chance to try out their product line and now we have another opportunity. This time, just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re drawing 3 winners and each will win a bottle of O-Mega Super Rich Body Cream.

To enter, just leave a comment to this post telling us about your dream for Mothers Day. Be sure to leave your e-mail address, too, because on Sunday, we’ll select our 3 winners, send them an e-mail announcing they’re our winners. They’ll have 24 hours to respond with their mailing address (or we’ll have to pick a runner up.) Easy Peasy!


  1. Allison Hoak says

    My dream for Mother’s Day is to spend the whole day hanging with my family without having to do anything. No rushing around, following schedules, or a to do list!

  2. Aimee D says

    My dream for Mother’s Day is for my husband to actually FIND the dishwasher, my daughter to not whine once and for me to have some great ‘me’ time and read a book I’ve been dying to crack open!

  3. Claudia Constantino says

    My dream for mother’s day is to spend the entire day smiling and laughing with my 5 year old. I treasure our time together. She’s my world and every moment with her is a gift. <3

  4. My son is being christened this Mother’s Day so my dream is for good weather and a great day for our family cookout after the christening!

  5. Heather says

    My dream for mother’s day is to wake up at my own pace, have a wonderful family brunch, and then spend the rest of the day enjoying my two amazing girls.

  6. Kassandra says

    My dream for this Mother’s Day is to spend the entire day with my husband and two children. All I want is hugs, kisses and laughter throughout the day. No squabbling, no whining, just fun. Doesn’t matter where we are or what we do, I just want to be with my family.

  7. While I love my family to no end, this year for Mother’s Day I would love a day of sleep. I’m exhausted and in serious need of some rejuvenation. Funny I say that because as I just typed that I thought about all of the things at home (if left alone to nap) that I could do instead of taking that nap! 😉

  8. My dream mother’s day would be to surprise my maman and grandmama by going home and having a day just us girls. Relaxing, drinking sweet tea and enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.

  9. My dream for Mother’s Day is the same one that my fabulous husband has given me every Mother’s Day for the past 5 years: a day off! Every Mother’s Day he takes charge of the kids and the house for the day so I can sleep in, go to a movie by myself…whatever I’d like!

  10. Jessica T says

    My dream mother’s day, I’ve had once and would love to have again! My husband took a day off work and gave me a “day off”. It started with breakfast in bed and I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted (including some spa and make over gift certificates!) and I came home to dinner cooked! I love to read, so I spent a lot of that free day in coffee shops, curled up with a great book!

  11. It will be my first monther’s day on Sunday and I’m thinking a great day would consist of spending quality time with my husband and son but also no heavy lifting or must do’s for the day! Great weather would be a +!

  12. My dream for Mother’s Day is to receive a positive ultrasound report stating that our first child is developing into a healthy baby!

  13. Nina W. says

    My dream mother’s day is any day that is *not* sleep deprived! I have a 17 month old who has slept through the night SEVEN times since he’s been BORN. Nothing has worked, so I asked my hubby if he’d take night duty the night before and the night after mother’s day. And he said Yes! Awesome!

  14. Just a day hanging with my boys ~ that’s all I dream about!

  15. Nancy W says

    My dream for Mother’s Day is to sleep in then have breakfast in bed.Then for dh and kids to clean up kitchen. Also to have no kids fighting or arguing for the day.

  16. Sleeping in until 7am would be a dream come true!

  17. barbara says

    My dream is to spend a relaxing day with my family, not having to rush off to something!

  18. My dream for Mothers Day is to relax and not have to run around all day getting ready for the work week ahead.

  19. My dream for Mothers Day is to win one of these Body Creams and to have breakfast in bed with my family!

  20. Sarah F says

    I would LOVE to sleep in! But with a 7 week old and a 3 year old, that’s probably not going to happen. Other than that, just a nice, relaxing day with my husband and boys is all I want for mothers day.

  21. Sandra Gustafson says

    My dream Mother’s Day, is a peaceful, loving day spent with my family. No worries, no stresses, just peace. I really dont care if we stay home, or go out, I would just love to spend time with my son, the one who gave me the name, MOM. : )

  22. My dream mother’s day is actually next year when I actually have my little girl (she’s due in August) — next year, I want to spend it with my grandmother, mom, and baby girl — four generations of women form my mom’s side of the family! Can’t wait!

  23. Michelle H. says

    Although I am a mom of a large family, my dream for Mother’s Day is for my mom to know how much she is appreciated by me.

  24. My dream for Mother’s Day is to have my fountain set up so I can spend the afternoon sitting out on the patio and relaxing!

  25. My dream for Mother’s Day is to spend the day on the patio puttering with my plants, grilling, and spending time with my family.

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