All those Guitar Hero and Wii families out there will love this giveaway. We have 3 copies of the new Wii game, PopStar Guitar.
Think Guitar Hero but for a younger audience – rather than using a guitar, there’s a cover that pops over the Wii remote for the kids to “play” the songs. Songs featured include ones by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Blink 182, 3 Doors Down, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Paramore, Simple Plan, Rihanna, All-American Rejects and more.
Check out the bundle on Toys R Us. Three lucky Mommies with Style readers will receive a copy of this game.
The game releases November 18th and will retail for $59.99.
To enter, leave a comment in this post. Just for fun – share with us: what was the first game or game system you played as a kid? (If you didn’t play games growing up, you can say that too, just leave a comment so you’re entered!)
This contest will run until next Sunday, November 16th. Three winners will be selected and notified after that time.


  1. I’m afraid Pong ruined me for all other games. We added Wii to the family game closet last Christmas and hope to add games this year.

  2. I played the old Atari 2600, and believe it or not my 18 year old so has the same system and still uses it! Talk about recycling!

  3. My first game system was Atari! I loved the Strawberry Shortcake game!

  4. I think my first game was either Pong or Tanks on my neighbor’s Atari system. Frogger, however, was my favorite!

  5. Tammi Schneiderman says

    I remember playing Atari Frogger, but the first game I LOVED was Track & Field with the powerpad for Nintendo. We would spend many sweaty hours running and jumping on that thing. My mom swore we were going to bring the house down. Fun Times! I think they need to come out with that for the Wii. Bring back the Power Pad!

  6. Great Christmas gift and hope to win it for someone special. 😉 Thanks. Space Invaders

  7. Julie Garrett says

    My boys would love this! And the first game system that my brother and I played was Nintendo. Fun times!

  8. Michelle Giera says

    ok…. does anyone remember intellivision? my dad was too cheap to by Atari… so we got a knock-off…. gotta LOVE IT!

  9. The first game system we played on was an Atari and the first game we played was Space Invaders, we also loved the one where the guy went through the jungle and you’d have to jump over crocodiles and go underground…boy do I miss those days!

  10. Oh, I am going to feel old! My first system was the Atari and I think the game was some kind of shootout/cowboy game with super basic graphics. However, my favorite games were pitfall and breakout.

  11. ATARI!!!

  12. i’m super old school. played pong on…. ummm…i don’t know… an atari?

  13. The first game I ever played was Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo. Fun!

  14. Playing Atari, pacman and pong. Also, Donkey Kong.

  15. The regular nintendo Mario and Duck Hunt!

  16. My first game – Original Nintendo – Super Mario Bros! Also loved Excite Bike.

  17. My first video game was Pong for Atari. My brother & I thought it was the greatest game and then we got Asteroids! I doubt my kids would think those games were exciting nowadays!

  18. Tracey Byram says

    The first video game I ever played was Atari’s Pong. Good grief, I’m older than I care to admit. We thought there was nothing as cool as Pong. ANYBODY could master Pong. Not like the games today that takes forever to master. My all time favorite video game was Dr. Mario.

  19. Kassandra Stalbaum says

    My kids would LOVE this game. My son tries his best to play Guitar Hero, but just can’t quite do it. This game sounds perfect for him. The first video game system I ever used was Atari and we only had 2 games – Frogger and Pitfall. Man oh man, games have come a long way!

  20. Tara Golden says

    Atari Space Invaders was the best!

  21. I first played ATARI.
    My kids (and my husband and I) would love this!

  22. I am old too. We had Pong. My Dad got it for us. It was a game console with 8 games I think. You pushed a button on the console to play a different one. It had tanks, pong, tennis, and 5 other games, all which worked almost exactly the same way. There wasn’t a lot of variety! LOL! But, we loved it and my friends were jealous! LOL!

  23. Probably the first game I played was pong … but the first one I really liked was Frogger on the Atari!

  24. I so want to get Wii for my kids (and ME) this Christmas. If I had a free game then I’d have to buy the system. My first system was Coleco vision and I think I still have it.

  25. Jill Gainley says

    I remember getting the Atari system . My grandmother worked overtime to buy one for the family. We loved Pong, Space Invaders, and some game that took place in a jungle and you would have to jump from vine to vine. Great contest

  26. The first game system I played was ATARI. My brothers and I thought it was so cool. I think the first game we had was tennis or something like that. I was really bad.

  27. Robin Loveday says

    My grandparents never allowed me to have an Atari personally but everytime I would visit my cousin’s house, we would play her Atari for hours. Of course, we played PONG, but my favorites were Pac-Man, Pitfall(who doesn’t love to pretend they are Indiana Jones), Donkey Kong, and Frogger~ those were the days!

  28. Keystone Capers on Atari was my first video game…My first handheld video game was this football game where the football bleeped across the screen! It was the best thing ever! lol Boy have they come along way since then…

  29. Pong!

  30. I owned the Commodore 64

  31. we had atari when i was a kid – we played pac man, donkey kong etc. i remember having so much fun.

  32. I LOVED playing Donkey Kong & Breakout on the Atari….wow, those were the days!

  33. This game would be perfect for my niece.
    The first game I played was Pong. We might even still have it somewhere.
    We also had an intellavision that we played all the time.

  34. I used to love playing Atari Space Invaders with my sister and brother! I wish times were still that simple!!

  35. E.T. on Atari!

  36. My kids love the Wii and this would be a great Christmas gift to add to the fun!!

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