All those Guitar Hero and Wii families out there will love this giveaway. We have 3 copies of the new Wii game, PopStar Guitar.
Think Guitar Hero but for a younger audience – rather than using a guitar, there’s a cover that pops over the Wii remote for the kids to “play” the songs. Songs featured include ones by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Blink 182, 3 Doors Down, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Paramore, Simple Plan, Rihanna, All-American Rejects and more.
Check out the bundle on Toys R Us. Three lucky Mommies with Style readers will receive a copy of this game.
The game releases November 18th and will retail for $59.99.
To enter, leave a comment in this post. Just for fun – share with us: what was the first game or game system you played as a kid? (If you didn’t play games growing up, you can say that too, just leave a comment so you’re entered!)
This contest will run until next Sunday, November 16th. Three winners will be selected and notified after that time.


  1. my thhree year old would absolutely love this!

  2. my thhree year old would absolutely love this!

  3. The first game I played was DuckTales for Nintendo. Thank you for having this contest!

  4. We had a Texas Instruments game system – it was so cool at the time. I think my dad played it after we went to bed trying to beat our high scores.

  5. How fun!!! We love our Wii – I can’t believe how much things have changed since we were kids! If you haven’t already – I highly recommend trying Wii Fit, it’s great for losing the baby weight…
    One of the first games I played as a kid, was Pong…talk about great graphics! Ha ha…

  6. My dad used to have an old Atari that we played on. I think we had pacwoman and dig dug…?

  7. I love your blog! Ok as a kid I first remember playing the game pitfall on the ATARI! LOL I can’t believe how much technology has changed!
    Crystal Adkins

  8. I loved to play frogger on the Atari back in the day!

  9. my kids would love this game!
    My first game I played was atari.
    Thanks for another great giveaway! Love your website!
    Sara, mum to 5

  10. I’m totally dating myself but my first video was Pong – so simple now but it was so revolutionary at the time.

  11. I’m totally dating myself but my first video was Pong – so simple now but it was so revolutionary at the time.

  12. Oooh, the first game I ever played was (I think it was called) Duck Hunt. You know the one with the gun that you aim and shoot at the ducks..i think it was on one of the first ever nintendos.

  13. Yes.. I’m old.. Yes I am willing to admit it 🙂
    Pong… I’m a dork. Would I still play Pong??

  14. E.T. on Atari! I actually got him home a few times!

  15. I think the first game I played was Brickles on my Mac. (I think back to the size of the screen of our desktop back then and wonder how I ever saw anything on it). After that I played games on the Atari.

  16. Pong and Atari! Also, I was forced to play my mom in Tetris every morning in high school – she got bursitis from playing so much!

  17. My daughter would love this. First game system I played was an Atari and also on my big brother’s computer – Commodore 64!

  18. Our first system was Nintendo. We were addicted to Mario, Duck Hunt and TETRIS.

  19. Oh man, Henry would LOVE this. He so wishes he could play Rock Band with us. The first game I remember playing was Ms. Pacman, at the arcade. The first game I remember playing at home was Super Mario Brothers. And now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day…

  20. I am so old… I remember playing Pong… when I was like 10. I was never very good at the video games in the arcade, but I loved Ms. Pac Man!!

  21. My brother and I played duck hunt on an original Nintendo. My husband still likes to play on that Nintendo today!

  22. I was totally old school and played Pong, but my new school kids love WII and found guitar hero too hard to be fun. This sounds perfect for them to play and enjoy while rocking out to their music!

  23. I remember playing pong @ our neighbor’s house on Atari, but sadly no video games @ our house. MY kids though, would LOVE this game for their Wii!

  24. pitfall on atari was the first game I played and got my first “high score” to beat my brother! Love this contest! thanks!

  25. the first I played was atari. we still have my husband’s original nintendo with several games and occasionally play it because it is so funny to see how far the graphics have come in our lifetime!

  26. I am a mom of five boys, ages 7 and under. I LOVE visiting your website and reading your blog. The first game I ever played was Pac Man on Atari. My boys would love to play this new Wii game. 🙂

  27. We had to wait for the Atari, instead we had the Tomy system and played math games!
    Times have changed!

  28. I did not have a game system but I loved play Tetris and Solitare.

  29. I didn’t play any video games until halfway through college, when my boyfriend (now my husband) told me I really ought to give The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time a chance. Zelda is now one of my favorite escapes!

  30. My first game was pong….for atari. We also had this lemonade stand game on our old pc and i loved that game too.

  31. I remember having an Atari, my favorite games were Pitfall and Frogger. Loved that Atari.
    Shannon RF

  32. This is really bad, but I think the system was called Odyssey and you’d literally tape the screens/backgrounds onto your TV and the little white dot would move around – super high tech 😉

  33. me too – pong on atari!

  34. We had a tank game that had two joysticks to control the tank. The next one I remember was an Atari 2600.

  35. When I was a kid the nintendo entertainment system (NES) came out and the first games I remember playing on there were track & field & duck hunt (great games). It’s amazing at how consistent nintendo has been at making quality systems and quality games. NES is still my favorite of the consoles, but I think the Wii is the most innovative yet & with the best variety of games.

  36. first game system i ever played on: odyssey! 🙂

  37. We love our Wii! The very first game we ever played on was the original Pong.

  38. I think the first game I played was on Atari, it was Pitfall I think?? However just earlier tonight me an my husband were talking about when we used to play the Oregon trail on our Commodore computers!!!

  39. hee hee! The original Nintendo!!! I LOVED Super Mario Bros… Duck Hunt… The POWER PAD! LOL!
    We hooked it up a few months ago and I couldnt believe it STILL worked after 20 yrs!! You still have to blow in it and smack it – but it WORKED!

  40. Sonja Heiser says

    I played on an Atari. I loved playing Pengo, Pole Position, and PacMan.

  41. super mario brothers!

  42. Atari – pong ruled!

  43. I played Pong actually!

  44. Since I am “old” according to my daughters, the first doll I remember is my BOZO the clown doll. My most memorable gift was a breakfront when I was 5. It had dishes and glasses and all you needed to sit a lovely table. To be 5 again…

  45. The first video game system I played on was a Vic-20 computer. We played “adventure” games – totally text-based, where you had to write two-word commands (“go north” “look right” etc) to navigate throughout the game and find treasures, avoid dragons, etc. I am really dating myself for admitting this.

  46. My first video game was duck hunt, with that silly huge gun that was horribly inacurate, maybe it was me.

  47. I got the original nintendo when everyone was throwing them out and getting the super.

  48. I got the original nintendo when everyone was throwing them out and getting the super.

  49. We are getting a Wii for Christmas so this would be terrific to get our game collection started! We are trying to stick to a budget this year so winning a game would be fabulous!!!!!!

  50. My first video game was actually PONG on an atari sytem…I was really good at it, ha!

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