All those Guitar Hero and Wii families out there will love this giveaway. We have 3 copies of the new Wii game, PopStar Guitar.
Think Guitar Hero but for a younger audience – rather than using a guitar, there’s a cover that pops over the Wii remote for the kids to “play” the songs. Songs featured include ones by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Blink 182, 3 Doors Down, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Paramore, Simple Plan, Rihanna, All-American Rejects and more.
Check out the bundle on Toys R Us. Three lucky Mommies with Style readers will receive a copy of this game.
The game releases November 18th and will retail for $59.99.
To enter, leave a comment in this post. Just for fun – share with us: what was the first game or game system you played as a kid? (If you didn’t play games growing up, you can say that too, just leave a comment so you’re entered!)
This contest will run until next Sunday, November 16th. Three winners will be selected and notified after that time.


  1. My first video game was actually PONG on an atari sytem…I was really good at it, ha!

  2. Debbie Meyers says

    The first game I played was Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo! I used to love it when Luigi (he was my fave) would swim and then when he would get out, my mom would always ask where the towel was because he needed to drive off so he wouldn’t catch a cold 🙂

  3. Oh, my! My first game was PacMan on the Atari System – awesome! Oh, the good ol’days. 🙂

  4. Jenn Stewart says

    Atari system- first game was breakout!!

  5. Jenn Stewart says

    Atari system- first game was breakout!!

  6. rednikkired says


  7. Zelda!!!

  8. Michelle Simons says

    oh the atari one with the ping pong game. I was thrilled to play that!

  9. Nintendo – Super Mario Bros 🙂 And it was awesome! I saved my allowance for a whole year to buy the system!
    The wii bundle sounds so cool!

  10. I played centipede. I still love that game.

  11. Yea for contests!
    I’m pretty sure my first game was Pong on Atari but my greatest memories are playing Tetris for hours against my brother on the Nintendo (original).

  12. Oh gosh, totally dating myself but it was Atari – Space Invaders! 🙂 LOL!

  13. First game I ever played was Kaboom! on Atari. So much fun!! :o)

  14. Stacy Campbell says

    We never had a game system, but we loved playing our friend’s Atari!

  15. we had a Vic 20 and I was OBSESSED with Storm Trooper!! It rocked!!!!

  16. I played the Atari game with the spaceships coming down….cant remember the name of it…wow shows my age? hehe

  17. Omgosh I don’t even remember what it was called lol (I think I may be elderly)
    I think it was Pong, a really slow circle going side to side and you had to move a moving rectangle so it didn’t fly off the screen! lol

  18. Jenn Calabro says

    I think the first one that I was on was a Commodore 64, followed closely by the Atari 64! Smurfs was my favorite game!!

  19. A cheap Atari knock-off… black and white, and never got an upgrade =(

  20. Atari – loved to play Pitfall!

  21. Atari was my first game system but I cannot recall the games. I do remember my favorite arcade game was centipede.
    my son will love this game if I win. thank you for the chance.

  22. The first game system I played on was intellivision. It was some kind of airplane shooting game. This really dates me. The controllers were connected to the game unit with a curled-telephone like cord.

  23. So we didn’t have a game system and I still won’t let my husband – although he wants one so bad. So we go to our friends’ house once a week so he can play and I watch.

  24. Atari, of course! My fave game was ET since i was ET obsessed! i also had the 1st Nintendo but rarely played. nothing since then till i gave in and just bought a Wii!!!

  25. The first game I can remember playing was pong too!
    My family just got the Wii and would love this!!

  26. I played on Atari, which was my dad’s, but our own first game system that my sisters and I got for Christmas was the original Nintendo. We sat and played Wheel of Fortune all Christmas morning!

  27. alesa upholzer says

    Atari was the first game system !!!

  28. video games…pacman would have to be. Or breakout.

  29. This might seem funny because maybe none of you have ever heard of this game, but it was my absolute favorite for the Atari: it was “Plaque Attack”.
    It was so fun. You have the screen filled with teeth at the top and bottom. Your weapon is a tube of toothpaste and you have to shoot the candy, soda and all other junk food before it hits the teeth and plaque attacks.
    Thanks for the memory…
    -Barb 🙂

  30. The first I played was Atari with my kids.
    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. My children are making up for all the games I didn’t play as a child!

  32. I remember playing Frogger (I think that was the name) on the original Nintendo. My brother and I were soooo excited to open this Christmas gift! It was one of “those” Christmas morning moments.

  33. Stacy Campbell says

    We never had a game system, but we loved playing our friend’s Atari!

  34. Arena Thompson says

    Super Mario Brothers on the ORIGINAL Nintendo. When it got too boring (after all there was just one game) I would hang upside down on my bed to play it upside down 🙂

  35. molly becker says

    My daughter is way into music and would LOVE this. We are getting Wii for Christmas so this would be a great addition to what I have for her to open.

  36. I can remember playing Pong–my how far games have come since then!!!

  37. i remember duck hunt! i loved it! i think it was on atari!! my mom just cleaned out some closets and found the original manual for the atari–pretty outdated material!

  38. Heather von Merveldt says

    My sister and I had an Atari. I remember both of us sitting in front of the t.v. playing Pacman and Galaca (is that even right???). Such fun!

  39. Hello! What a fabulous prize giveaway drawing. My first experience with a game system was “Atari!” Please enter my name in your drawing. How delightful for Christmas! Many thanks…..Cindi

  40. My 1st system was Atari. The game was breakout.

  41. I think the first video gane I ever played was PacMan.
    We’ve sure come a long way! :^)

  42. pol postion and centapede (sp?) on a commadore64. We got the games at the same time and I can’t remember which I played first.

  43. I remember playing Pong on Atari when I was really young!

  44. Mario Brothers-Nintendo, the original! That was my first real game system-However growing up my older siblings had a system called Intelivision-I loved a game where you made hamburgers, they dont make them like that anymore thats for sure!

  45. The first game I ever played was PONG! Looking back… could it be any easier.

  46. Commadore 64

  47. Heather Langer says

    The first game I ever played was Frogger on Atari. We’ve come a long way since then…

  48. I played on an Atari when I was little (ouch!) I remember pong and some sort of surround game?? My family LOVES the wii.

  49. PacMan on Atari! I am so old!

  50. We had an IBM PC Junior back in the early 80’s. I can still remember playing King’s Quest and Larry Bird vs. Dr. J One-on-One.
    In later years, I played games on Atari and Coleco Vision, as well as the Commodore 64 — I also remember that Oregon trail game!!!

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