All those Guitar Hero and Wii families out there will love this giveaway. We have 3 copies of the new Wii game, PopStar Guitar.
Think Guitar Hero but for a younger audience – rather than using a guitar, there’s a cover that pops over the Wii remote for the kids to “play” the songs. Songs featured include ones by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Blink 182, 3 Doors Down, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Paramore, Simple Plan, Rihanna, All-American Rejects and more.
Check out the bundle on Toys R Us. Three lucky Mommies with Style readers will receive a copy of this game.
The game releases November 18th and will retail for $59.99.
To enter, leave a comment in this post. Just for fun – share with us: what was the first game or game system you played as a kid? (If you didn’t play games growing up, you can say that too, just leave a comment so you’re entered!)
This contest will run until next Sunday, November 16th. Three winners will be selected and notified after that time.


  1. Kristie Klein says

    Damn I feel old…Atari’s Pong! Or Speak and Spell! Ha ha!

  2. I remember ours! We had a Commodore 64 and there was a game that had letters falling down from the top of the screen and you had to find them on the keyboard before they reached the bottom – and then at the end of each level there would be a hot air balloon with a short word you’d have to type in time (before it rose or fell, I can’t remember). I can’t remember the name of the game, though!
    And I think that might’ve been the same computer that had a game with a little unicyclist catching balloons on his head… but I’m not sure. Ahh… good times. 🙂

  3. Atari or Nintendo. Can’t remember which one but for sure it was Pacwoman!!

  4. Atari when I was 5. I’m not sure my first game, I started playing young 🙂

  5. I can remember how excited my sisters and I were to play Asteroids on our Atari. My parents had a separate black & white TV set up for us to play on. It was the best!

  6. I can remember how excited my sisters and I were to play Asteroids on our Atari. My parents had a separate black & white TV set up for us to play on. It was the best!

  7. Oh man . . . .Commodore 64!

  8. Christina Olson says

    I think it must have been Atari… isn’t that the one that brought us “Pong”? Love the sight… Happy Holidays, Christina

  9. Nintendo Gameboy Advance and that wasn’t until my early 20’s. I loved it!

  10. The first game I ever played was Mario Bros on the original Nintendo console. Man, that dates me!

  11. Julie Campbell says

    Pong baby! I have four VERY active boys that would LOVE this. Rock on!

  12. beth erickson says

    the 1st game system we had was intellevision. We thought we had the best parents in the world!

  13. Wow…..the first game I remember playing was Parsec on a Texas Instruments home computer. This predated the Commodore 64! I’d feel like an antique, except my husband can top that!

  14. Oh, games of Pong are one of my favorite memories! Hoorah for new memories with the Wii! 🙂

  15. We had a lot of fun putting together burgers on our Intellivision (I think that’s how it’s spelled). You could pepper the “bad” guys.

  16. I played with the original nintendo system and I loved the duck hunt game!

  17. My first game was Mario Bros. and I loved it!

  18. My sister got an Atari system, so my first game I ever played was the one that was sort of like Breakout, I forget the name!

  19. Remember the portable Nintendo Game and Watch? My first game was Donkey Kong, and I still have it! Still works like new after almost 30 years!!

  20. Atari was the first game system i played. The game was asteroids.

  21. my 5 yr old would love this!


    Atari system – Space Invaders thanks for the contest

  23. My favorite was a game called centipede. We didn’t have ‘games’ at home so I would only be able to play when we traveled.

  24. I’m showing my age…it was Pong on Atari! Ack!

  25. I played pitfal and pong Still have the atari,but for some reason the kids don’t want to play it lol



  27. Our first game system was Intellivision!

  28. The first game I ever played was Duck Hunt on Nintendo. My brother and I got our first Nintendo for Christmas way back when. I still miss the simple games!

  29. The first game I played was Frogger on Atari. So much fun!

  30. I LOVED my Atari growing up. My family would play Bowling and Super Break Out for hours. I think the Atari is still in my old bedroom at my mom’s house.

  31. Pac man on Atari!!

  32. Oh my, I remember playing centipede and pong on my cousins atari, oh those were the days.

  33. hands down the best game ever is Pac Man and of course the fabulous Ms Pac Man…i still get an rush playing it now and so do my kids…it’s a classic

  34. The first game I played was Facemaker on my Commodore VIC20. My parents got it when they went to check out a timeshare type place. Qbert was my favorite game on the VIC20.

  35. I twas on a system called Intellavision(sp?) and it was a game like space invaders.

  36. Wow, they have come a long way since nintendo and super mario bros! I hope we win!

  37. i might have played pong first, but have great memories playing asteroids on our atari system:) also the handheld football w/my dad:)

  38. I had an Atari and loved to play frogger! I think my nephews would love this game it would be a great gift!

  39. My dad brought home a computer from work that had 3″ screen on it and let us play a snake game. It must have been one of the first laptops. It was as big as small suitcase!

  40. My bother and I would battle it out on Atari. Loved Pong and Frogger!

  41. Danielle a Calderon says

    My 8 year old would LOVE this as a family we all play together even my 3 year old! My 1 s game system was Atari and I will never forget playing E.T. Wow am I dating myself!! LOL

  42. Danielle a Calderon says

    My 8 year old would LOVE this as a family we all play together even my 3 year old! My 1 s game system was Atari and I will never forget playing E.T. Wow am I dating myself!! LOL

  43. Jean Grosick says

    I think my first game was Colecovision! Scary how long ago that was….and it’s taken me this long, but i JUST bought a Wii for Christmas!

  44. We didn’t have Atari, we had something called Odyssey. I was always jealous of the super-cool Atari kids, but there was this racing game that was awesome! The main part of the thing looked like a typewriter – it was HUGE! Wii is SO much better!!! 🙂

  45. OMG Jennifer Z, I totally played the text-based “adventure” games too! :oP I loved Frogger & Pacman on the Atari System and later Legend of Zelda became my all time fave game on the Nintendo. I also really liked Centipede, Qbert and Tempest in the Arcade. ;o) Hey, did anyone here ever own the Sega Genesis? I think I still have my Gameboy somewhere….

  46. * 1st “tech” (prepare to laugh” game: ATARI ,man I could play Pong for HOURS! Then Asteroids became mesmerizing!
    * 1st “non-tech”: hands down tie between Chutes & Ladders & Candyland
    * Haven’t we come a long way in gaming now! My 5 & 7 year old & my husband and I routinely enjoy family Wii challenges–how fun would this game be! We haven’t tried a “music” game yet! Cool!

  47. The first game system my brother and I had was the Atari. I loved Frogger and he was a Qbert fan. Now we both have a Wii – the only game system I’ve wanted since – and it’s so much fun!

  48. My absolute first video game experience was ATARI. I LOVED Space Invaders and PacMan!!! I recently got as a gift an ATARI joystick which comes with these games built in…I love it!!!

  49. My first game system was Intellivision–I loved Burger Time and Donkey Kong!

  50. The first video game I played was “Fraction Fever” on the PC Junior .. but that was a computer game. The first gaming system my family bought was the Intellivision … I remember playing Frogger, Burger Time, and Night Stalker to name a few!

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