I’m a huge fan of Leapfrog’s educational toys for kids. Thanks to their Tag Readers and books, our frequent 7-hour car trips to see the grandparents are a bit more bearable – and educational at that. But Leapfrog is about a lot more than easing my long car trips. Their recent Tag. Give. Read. campaign to donate Tag Reading Systems to schools was a HUGE success – $1.5 million in Tag Readers and book to the classrooms of more than 10,000 U.S. Kindergartners.

And they aren’t done yet.

Celebrity style maven, designer and Access Hollywood personality Jayneoni Moore was so impressed, she’s using her foundation The Jayneoni Moore Children’s Fund to join forces with LeapFrog to launch “Tag You’re It!” to get Tag Readers into the hands of even more kids. With the help of her celeb friends, Jayneoni and LeapFrog have been raising money to supply Kindergartners around the U.S. with the Tag Reading System.

Jayneoni and her celeb mom pals have been buying Tag Readers to give away to classrooms in need, and want to encourage you to donate as well. For every Tag Reader donated, LeapFrog will donate 5 books to accompany the Reader. And on November 14th, all these celeberity moms and their little ones will gather at a packing party to box up “Tag Kits” for classrooms.

And now LeapFrog wants to get YOU in on the fun too.

LeapFrog is giving away a Tag Reader and their newly-released USA Map to one lucky MWS reader. The double-sided map helps kids 4-7 years old learn about map skills, geography, landmarks and other state facts with more than ten interactive games.  A perfect holiday gift item!

But there’s more!

The winner also is entered into LeapFrog’s nationwide giveaway of an all-expenses-paid trip to Hollywood, CA to meet Jayneoni and her celebrity mom pals at the Tag Reader packing party!  LeapFrog will take care of all travel arrangements and expenses, including transportation from home to the airport and back, transportation from airport to hotel, accommodations at the luxurious Beverly Hills boutique hotel The Peninsula (where the “packing party” will be held), and incidental expenses for meals and refreshments.

But you have to act fast! The contest to win the Tag Reader and USA map and to be entered into the Hollywood trip giveaway ends Saturday, November 6th at midnight P.S.T. To enter, leave a comment below that answers:

“What most helped you develop a love of reading?”

One entry per person. Contest open to US residents only. One winner for the Tag Reader and Map will be chosen by random. That winner will then be entered into the Hollywood trip giveaway – winner of that contest will be announced on November 10th.


  1. My older cousin and her Mom took care of me a lot when I was younger and taught me to read and love reading at an early age.

  2. Arena thompson says

    My mom, who took me to the library several days a week and let me check out stacks of books that I would devour by the next trip 🙂

  3. Honestly I don’t know. I wasnt big ino reading growing up. It wasn’t until I was about 20 that I actually had time to sit and a read a full book and from then on reading became an enjoyment.

  4. Definitely my mother. I remember her taking us to library story time in the summer and joining their kids book club.

  5. I am the youngest of three girls which meant a lot of time to play by myself while my sisters were off doing their own thing. I loved to play with their school books and play teacher. I used to write my own whodunnits after reading all my mom’s Nancy Drews. When my oldest sister was reading To Kill a Mockingbird in high school, I read it too in an attempt to be just like her. That book solidified my love of reading. I can’t fathom a day without a book in my hands. My favorite part of the day is reading to/with my baby boys.

  6. What helped my oldest son, 7, in learning to read was the leap frog talking talking letters and words videos…plus being able to read to my children has hlped them gain an appreciationfor books.

  7. I used to love to visit the library there wasnt much more to do in town so we would finish our chores and go to the library for the afternoon.

  8. I remember my mom would read to me nightly and it’s something I continue to do with my daughter. she loves reading. in fact, she’s starting to read to me now.

  9. Having the freedom and time to just read what interested me – nobody ever pushed me to read and i remember just reading a ton when i was younger. Melissa

  10. Karla Valentino says

    The thing that helped me develop a love of reading, was watching my dad read. He always read Sherlock Holmes books, and historical novels. Watching him read, made me want to read. Now, when I read the newspaper, a magazine, or a book, my three year old son will mimic me and get his own book and “read”.

  11. Reading with my mom and dad at night evokes such a strong childhood memory for me that when I read the very same books with my own little boy, I feel so connected to the child in me and to my parents, now that I am a parent myself……reading to my little guy at night is one of the very best parts of my day

  12. Reading to the younger children in school when I was in elem school I’d love to win this for my 3 yr old son who loves book because we can’t afford one

  13. Having access to books helped shape me into a lifelong reader. I loved visits to the library and being able to choose new and different books to read.

  14. Stephanie Herberg says

    Being read to by my mom and by my big brother (who did all the cool voices).

  15. I was out of school and had finished my masters by the time I started to enjoy reading. It’s all about finding the right book!!

  16. Amber Weaver says

    I developed a love of reading due to my mom, who loves reading. She kept tons of children’s books at our house, took us to the library all the time, and read often to my brother & I as we were growing up.

  17. What I loved about learning to read in the beginning was that there was always a next step and to this day if you ever want to stretch yourself, there is a book that will do it.

  18. My grandmother did. After my mom died she always read to me and bought me books to further encourage me to read.

  19. My parents who both love to read!

  20. I think growing up with almost no TV, no games to play,(board games yes)and no cell phones, facebook, twitter, or conputer helped, had more time to read and think about the things in the books.

  21. Having books surrounding my childhood and my Mickey Mouse Record player on which I played those Disney books (“when tinkerbell rings her little bell, its time to turn the page…”

  22. I think visiting the library when I was young and enjoying being able to choose from so many books to read really helped me love to read.

  23. TRACY HEYER says

    Visiting the library was the most fun to learn how to read.

  24. defintely trips to the library and the summer reading programs! I still love nothing more than a me day that includes a nice, long trip to our town library!

  25. I had a wonderful 1st grade teacher that really knew how to teach the fundamentals and set all her students off on the right track. She was really encouraging and made reading fun. My mom was also instrumental. She loves books, always spent time with us at night reading and made sure we had plenty of books around our home.

  26. My third grade teacher helped me develop a love for reading by encouraging me to read the Little House on the Prairie Books.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Amy B.

  27. my mom took me the library when I was young and then from there, I would hang out there after school, doing my homework and reading a variety of books.

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