I didn’t know I’d need it, but this past spring I realized a real need for a booster in my car. We needed a seat for carpools and playdates… and just an extra, lightweight, easy to transport seat.
I tried and tested. Borrowed and browsed. I didn’t like too much of what I saw. Pretty quickly I narrowed down my wants by eliminating all that weren’t highback. My little guy is still little enough that he didn’t just need a booster, this kid requires a boost. I also feel he’s a bit more coddled in there, a bit more protected with a seatbelt that’s more secure. Plus, he’s a sleeper, and the back area of a high-back booster gives him a bit less space to roam in his sleep than the width of a regular seat in a car.
While stumbling through test after test, I found a lot of seats made it difficult for my little guy to get the belt into the buckle. Heck, even I had trouble manuevering several of the latches around the hard, plastic seat that was wider than my Honda Pilot’s chair.
It wasn’t until I tried the Compass Folidng Booster Seat by The Learning Curve that I found one I felt comfortable putting my precious cargo inside. The seat is safe and provides and added cushion for comfort and protection (with “energy-absorbing EPS headrests with side wings provide improved impact protection”). Its base is wide enough to fit securely in the seat, yet narrow enough to allow room for our hands to buckle into a low-laying buckle. (We use this seat in the 3rd row.) It also happens to be compact. The unique fold allows for it to be stored away when not in use–and not taking up a ton of room. The fold is actually tight enough that it fits on a taller shelf with several other items (imagine doing that with a carseat!) The high back extends pretty high–up to 30 inches with 6 positions, all the while securing the shoulder strap at the correct height for safe riding.
And, to my booster-sitter’s chagrin it has folding arm rests and cupholders on both sides that hide when not in use. Not to mention the way-cool giraffe print!
Its no wonder the Compass Deluxe Folding Booster Car Seat has won several awards, and received a 5-star rating by the NHTSA and the US Department of Transportation.


  1. This company has the best customer service. I bought this same exact booster and the first day we used it I stupidly cracked the foam in the head wing. I called the company and not only did they send me a brand new one free of charge but they also let me keep the first one which they said was still perfectly safe!

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