Another item I couldn’t live without as a nursing Mom: my GlamourMom tank tops. Julie raved on and on about these and I wish I had listened sooner. I had one sitting in my closet for weeks before I actually went to put it on. And I haven’t looked back. I recently ordered more at SuperMomz because I prefer wearing these to wearing a nursing bra.
Why they’re so great: easy access. I love it especially now, in the winter months. I always wear a tank top under whatever shirt I’m wearing, so we’re talking three layers I have to get through when I have a baby screaming for milk. The GlamourMom tanks feature clasps on the straps – simply undo the clasp to nurse – it’s easier.
And I love that it covers my stomach – let’s face it, post-baby my stomach isn’t anything I’m looking to show off (nor was it ever!). Even with the Hooter Hider, I’m still showing (stomach) skin. That’s another reason the GlamourMom is great besides the fast access: complete coverage.
Buy them on the SuperMomz site, discounted to $36.95 each. Use coupon code mwsfree for free shipping on your order of that or anything on the site. GlamourMom makes maternity tanks too…

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