glow-chic You need to know that I am not the night-gown type. Most nights, much to the huz’ disappointment, I’d be happy wearing boxers and an old frat-party t-shirt.

So, I recieved a sexy little number from Whoa Mamma recently and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I mean, I have a few teddies and things from my wedding/lingerie shower way back, but the frequency with which I put them on… lets just say its flatlining. Ahem. You can imagine the surprise for the huz when I wore this Chemise and Lace Skirted Panty set from Whoa Mamma’s Glow Chic line. Now don’t get too imaginative… I’m 30 weeks pregnant.

Anyhow, the nighty set is absolutely perfect for these hot summer nights. And it manages to make my big body (seriously, the huz keeps glancing over saying “whoa, you are big”) look a little bit sexy (which makes a 30-week pregnant mama of 2.8 feel pretty good.)  The wash is fantastic: no pilling, no shrinkage. And the fit is rather loose and forgiving.

Target just started selling Glow Chic, and you can find a variety of their line on Target’s site. To kick off Glow Chic’s introduction at Target, they’re offering 10% off your purchase: click here to get your coupon.

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