Over the past couple of months I have been really dedicated to my skincare routine. I have noticed a positive change in my skin and wanted to share with you guys! My skin tip is typically really hard to work with, but I find these products have helped blast away my issues! Naturally, I have VERY sensitive, dry skin. Even brands that claim to be hypoallergenic do not work for me. FINALLY I have found the perfect products that work for me!! Here are my steps to glowy summer skin


I wash my face every night with this. It removes dirt and oils from my face and leaves me feeling clean and fresh.


Every morning I use this gentle exfoliating to wake up my skin and prep it for the day.


Since my skin is SO dry it is important to replace all the oils I stripped from the wash and exfoliator. I let the oil sink into my skin and then splash water on my face and tap the remaining oil into my skin with my fingers.


I personally use a hydrating serum because that is what my skin needs to stay refreshed.

Eye Gel

This cooling eye gel is a savior. It seriously helps so much with puffy eyes in the morning and instantly wakes me up.


NEVER enough moisture for me and my skin.


I like to finish off with a rose water spray because it smells and feels really nice on my skin. It calms down the heat on my face and lets my skin cool down after applying all these products.


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