neelabags I’m always looking for ways to help the environment and what better way to help than to stop using those horrible plastic bags to hold your food every time you go to the supermarket?

Did you know that Americans use hundreds of billions of plastic and paper bags each year? I was astonished to find out the price our environment pays for this common practice:
• We use 12 million barrels of oil for plastic bag production every year. 96% of plastic bags end up in landfills, where they do not biodegrade.
• Annually, over 100,000 birds and marine life are literally choked to death by plastic bags when they mistake the bags for food. Plastic bags photo degrade, breaking down into small, toxic bits that contaminate soil and waterways and are easily ingested by animals.
• It’s not just plastic bags that are harmful to our environment. Paper bags are as well! Over 14 million trees each year are cut down, wasting untold energy in production. Paper bags are more difficult and more costly to recycle and also do not biodegrade in landfills.
• According to the EPA, the United States consumes 380 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps each year.

You can help, by making small changes that collectively, can add up to a big difference for the environment. Neela Bags lends a hand with their nonwoven, polypropelene bags and are one of the most “green” solutions available today, based on their design, lifecycle, environmental impact and manufacturing output. Neela is continually researching new materials and sources to enable them to offer the most environmentally-friendly, durable and functional products to their customers!

neela2 I’ve had many different green bags to shop with at the market, but none as amazing as Neela. I tested out the Market Pack and fell in love! The Market Pack contains five Fold-Up Market Totes in a stylish carrying case with Velcro closure that is easy to tote on your shoulder when you are in the supermarket. Each tote has a pocket on the front which is great to store small items. I’ve been storing my Market Pack in the car so I always have it with me when I go to the market. If I have a large market run, I simply slip the Market Pack on my shoulder or put it in the cart, and, for a smaller market trip, I grab two of the totes out of the Market Pack and pop them into my purse! I love how small they fold up yet open up to a perfect size for groceries (slightly larger than a paper bag)! They are so beautiful and functional and I love using them! They really have been turning heads. People have stopped me in the market to find out where they can get the Market Pack.

Neela carries a variety of other fabulous bags as well. Help the environment by helping yourself to Neela Bags. They are a must have for your next shopping trip!  Use code NEELAFF to save 15% off of your purchase.

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