I’m going to do it. Soon. Every time I check out at my local grocery store, I feel compelled to stop using the plastic bags, it’s such a waste. The other day I was in my local grocery store and I was speaking to the clerk about the reusable bags they have for sale. (Were a lot of people buying them? Were a lot of people using them now?) I’m impressed when I see Moms and others using their recyclable bags. But I feel like I’m lucky to get out the door with my diaper bag, let alone some additional grocery bags.
But even more of a motivation now for me to make the change are these grocery bags from Skeeda. Not only are they environmentally friendly (not just the bag itself, of course, but the act of no longer using plastic bags each time you go) but they are stylish and cute!
I’ll be the first to admit that keeping the environment safe is so high up on the totem pole that being “stylish” isn’t even in the same world… but, if you can be both eco friendly AND stylish, why not?
Check the bags out on Skeeda’s website. If you purchase, mention “mommies with style” in the comments section and one lucky buyer from this site will receive an extra bag of choice. The bags are $15 each and hold a lot. (I recently used mine for a day trip with some clothes for the boys – loved it! Light and simple.)

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