Did I shock you all with my headline for this week’s post?  So while no one’s going naked for this week’s Fashion Friday (you’re welcome), I do have some great nude-colored fashion items that I just had to feature!

I feel like nude is one of those under-represented colors in my wardrobe.  Every now and again I’ll buy something nude or natural colored and being the neutral-colored girl I am, I always love it.  I need to look for this color more as it really does go with everything.

If you try it, just be sure to mix it up with a splash of color as this time of year it’s going to really blend in with pale skin (and of course if you’ve just returned from a Caribbean vacation and you’re tanned then I hate you.)

Cole Haan Village Jade — Small Leather Satchel
Currently 33% off (normally $248), $164.90 at Nordstrom.com

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slipper color
$4.74 on Amazon.com plus $1.84 shipping

The Whatever Skort in Khakina
Athleta, $49

Applique Lace T in Novelle Peach
Currently 20% off (normally $34.50) at the Gap

Kork-EASE Natural Women’s Laura Boot
$270 with free shipping at Shoes.com
(Use coupon code CUPID through February 28th to receive 10% off your entire order at Shoes.com)

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  1. well you know me, i’m a beigy kinda gal- 90% of my wardrobe as well as my interior design is beige scheme. can’t ever go wrong with it- like you say, can add a splash of color to spice it up and add some interest if you want but i think the neutral beiges are so ZEN and I always feel an AHHHH moment when i either attire myself in such an outfit or walk into a room adorned in beige. very soothing. really.

  2. You’re killing me with those boots. Must. look. away.

  3. I WANT those boots. Badly. Must restrain myself.

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