jill-e makes designer camera bags for women.  At first I was thinking, what would I use a camera bag for?  I have so much to tote around on a daily basis (and I’ve been out of the diaper bag stage for over a year).  But when delved into my bag, I realized that much of what I carry is electronic. 

Currently in my purse:  wallet, iPhone, iPod touch, Flip (camcorder), digital camera, bag of Animal crackers, a pair of sunglasses and a couple of sticks of lipstick.  Such is the life of a Mommy blogger.

So I became kind of excited to check out a jill-e small red leather camera bag when they sent me one to test out.  We’re headed off to Disney shortly and I’ll certainly be carrying a lot of electronics – it fits all of my daily items, plus some.  I’m able to use it as a camera bag and purse as I didn’t want to be carrying two bags.  I would imagine that those of you who use the big SLR cameras would be thrilled with this kind of bag. 

jill-e is also running a special for the entire month of February.  Any of the red and pink bags that carry the above 14% off tag are on sale for the month.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale will also be donated to the American Heart Association.

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