I like bags. Lots of bags. I’m the picky-choosey type but I also look for variety–because you never know what you’ll want tomorrow. They need to look good, provide proper function, and be the right fit for the right day. Knowing all that, its no surprise that the number of bags in my closests is now over 30. And, probably not such a surprise that in the past 3 days, I’ve carried more than 4 bags.
When it comes to laptop bags, however, I don’t have a big variety. I’m very picky. In fact, of my over 30 bags, I only have 2 laptop bags. (Thats a pretty small percentage when you consider the amount of time I spend on my laptop.) In fact, when number 2 arrived, I was excited (who wouldn’t be–a new bag to explore!) but hesitant. Believe it or not, the thought, “hmmm… do I really need another laptop bag?” crossed my mind.
Ahhh… but let me tell you about the Kameleon Convertible. A sleek messenger/backpack/tote, this bag is the one I took with me to New York for a trade show last month. Stylish enough to wear for a Mommy with Style, I carried on my back through town, so that my laptop didn’t weigh me down on either side. Then, when I arrived at the show, I was able to switch it into a messenger, to easily slip the many brochures and pamphlets inside.
Love the look, love the comfort. Hoenstly, the backpack style was a little big for me. I may consider having the arm straps shortened a bit to fit my petite frame, but it fits well on the average woman (so my sister tells me, who has threatened to kidnap my Kameleon.) And although big, I still didn’t find it to be uncomfortable, I just found myself wishing it sat a little closer to my back. With pockets in every size and direction, the bag is ideal for college students as well as laptop-totin’ hard workers. There are places apt to fit writing utensils, wallets, file folders, notebooks, cells, ipods, blackberrys … you can’t help but be organized with the Kameleon.
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