So far this summer my family has gone to the beach a number of times, a couple of amusement parks, the zoo, and a few other overly-crowded summer venues. With two young children, I often worry what would happen if one were to get lost. Luckily this has never happened, but I have discovered an item that would be a lifesaver should one of them get lost.
They are temporary tattoos from Safety Tat that have your cell or other phone number listed on them. You can choose from a number of styles, create your tattoo online, and that’s it! Simply apply to your child’s hand or arm before a “big outing” and feel better knowing that someone will be in touch should your child get lost. I love that these tattoos will not rub off when wet (great for water parks or the beach!) and last for a number of days (great for a vacation!). Plus my older son loves the novelty of a temporary tattoo, so he was excited to wear one on a recent outing.
Get 30 SafetyTats for $19.95 — a steal for helping protect your kids.And receive free shipping with promotion code “MWS” (offer will expire July 28). Also check out these great safety tips for summer travel and theme parks.

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