Lately, it seems like the “diaper holder” or “diapers case” notion is popping up from companies and in boutiques all over the place. They come in a zillion different patterns and styles and it’s hard to distinguish between them.
I recently saw one from Goober Baby that I’m now using; it’s a very nice quality product. What makes me so enamored of these diapers case (as they call it, “change purse“), is that the lining is a plush, soft lining that I can’t help but touch every time I put my diapers in it. I should note – size wise it’s tight for someone like me – I pack 3 size 6 Huggies diapers into it, so it doesn’t fit a wipes case. (I keep my Made by Angie wipes case seperate in my bag.) But it would hold 2 smaller diapers and a plastic wipes case no problem.
Next to the Goober change purse, I keep the Goober Changing Pad, which is also lined inside with the same cream-colored plush lining. (The kind of pad I’d want to be laid down on if I were a baby!)
Lastly, they make the Lunch Bag – which has a plastic, see-through front and the back is made of that same plush lining. The inside back has the cute pattern on it and the plastic is nice for wipe-down if need be. I’ve been using it in my diaper bag as a “snack bag.” It’s bigger than it looks online – I can fit several bags of fruit snacks, a couple granola bars, a couple small packs of Goldfish and one of those 6-pack cracker cases. I love the fact that all the snacks are all organized in my bag as well, it makes it nice and easy for those meltdown/”Mom, I’m hungreeeeeeeeee” moments when you otherwise can’t get to food.
Check out all the cute patterns you can purchase these products in. Use coupon code “MWS26GBB” on the website to receive 10% off your order on either the changing mat, change purse or both. Coupon expires December 1, 2006.

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