So, today at the grocery store, my 3-year-old and I happened by a display of spring books. Immediately he shouted out, “Mom! Look! Its Good Egg. I wuv that book.”
We only recently received Good Egg, a simple lift-the-flap board book, probably aimed at children 1-3. However my 3 and 5 year old embraced the simplicity of this sweet book about an egg that follows very simple instructions. “Sit. Good Egg.” The surprise at the end is a delight for the children and the sentences and words are simple enough that the 3-year-old can already practically read the book. Really, we all need a “good egg” to be a role model.
In Duck & Goose, two silly birds mistake a spotted ball for an egg. And while they compete for ownership and responsibility of the precious inhabitant, a friendship is born. Written with animation and sophistication, both the original and the sequel belong on every family bookshelf. Its a book we could read nearly every day, and never tire of.
Another tireless book, Little Quack is the first in a series about a precious baby duck and his brothers and sisters, learning to leave the nest. My 3-year-old can’t get enough of Little Quack’s expressions and antics, and I just love reading in a sing-songy voice, “Come little ducklings… paddle on the water with me.”
All three are definite must-haves for children. Let the bunny bring them this Easter, grab a copies from the library or surprise the kids at Passover when they find the Afikomen. Whatever the reason, make sure you have these books to enjoy with your children.

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