I’m not really a candle person. I mean, I like them and all and I have them burning in my house on occasion. But I’m certainly not someone who spends hours smelling the scents in Yankee Candle or can tell the difference between a cheap or nicer candle. Or so I thought, until I checked out a candle from PaddyWax.
I have the Bamboo and it’s really soothing (and smells amazing), and I was surprised at how much I loved this candle. I’ve been lighting it in our upstairs hallway (which can sometimes get a little stinky with the Diaper Champ nearby even though we have a no poopy diapers in the Diaper Champ rule).
I just love the smell of this candle, it literally takes over and everything smells pretty and serene. So PaddyWax has several candle lines. This includes the Journey of the Bee, a line that was created as a tribute to the bee (the jar is adorned with a gold bee) and the Destinations Collection, creating smells to remind you of vacation destination spots.

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