Questions I’m asked often: “What do you give for a Bat Mitzvah gift?” or “Help! I need a gift for a tween!?!”
Its tough. Really, really tough. I mean these girls are SO hard to please. Fashions and trends change daily; they like to pick out their own things; don’t want clothing because, ewwww! that’s just so uncool.
And then there was my 15-year-old Jewish cousin’s response to the Bat Mitzvah gift question when my Catholic Grandmother asked. “Well, if its just someone from the classroom, an $18 check is what you’re s’posed’ta give.” (to which my grandmother responded, “what?! That’s it!?”) “BUT,” he went on, “if its a good friend, then $300 is a pretty average check.” (Again, Grandmother’s response, “WHAT????!!!!”)
So… here it is. The ultimate gifts for a tween. Items that are trendy, fun, and useful. Items she won’t be totally embarrassed to have and things she’ll love to display. Start with a lapdesk. Its a pillow-bottom desk so soft and light it literally floats on your lap. Select from a variety of retro and funky patterns on the desk, this gift is nothing but boring. It even has a built-in cupholder.
This lapdesk isn’t only for the tweens… college kids, even moms, are loving it. Guess how I’m typing this review? Yup! I have my retro Polka Dot lapdesk between me and my laptop right now. (Polka Dot is the most popular pattern.) Admit it, you’re jealous that I’m so comfortable, and totally trendy as I sit in on my chaise lounge, cuddling in a comfy blanket and at ease because my laptop isn’t burning my legs. Moms, its okay to show that tween diva within!
Match it up with a funky fleece throw or door decor, and you have a Lil Diva gift!
Get the lapdesk, and other tweenish-diva-licious looks, at Diva Decor. Save 10% on your first order through December 1, 2006 with code Mom10off.


  1. Does anyone know how to get on to the diva decor website? I have been trying for the last couple of weeks but keep getting an "error please contact the site administrator" message.

  2. Thanks for the update, Swirvin. I e-mailed my contact this morning and will update asap.

  3. Due to the issues people are having with the links, we have secured an alternate code and site:
    Kid Kool Stuff
    code: MSW15OFF for 15% off through Dec 31.

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