Whether by car, train, plane, boat, or even heading to a picnic, a parent of a tween is bound to hear a drone of “how much longer??? There’s nothing to dooooo…” And after going through all the GORP, all the water bottles, all the chips, pretzels, 2 movies and an ipod full of travel sounds, you’re bound to need something new for the adventure. Before your next vacation, check out Yamodo! Good to Go!
Yamodo! A favorite for cars, planes and train, Yamodo is created for children 8 and up. Each page in this handbag sized (ie bigger than a pocket, smaller than a diaper bag necessary) has an imaginary word (like doopaloops). Under the word, doodlers illustrate, then define the word. On my page doodleloops showed a loopy-rollercoaster with spiral oops areas, defined as “a rollercoaster with the possibility of going terribly wrong.” Meanwhile, an 8 year old tester defined a fertz as a cuddly, furry monster with 4 eyes (one in the back) and really big arms for hugging.” Her picture showed what looked to be a quad-eyed stuffed animal with super huge arms encompassing her self portrait. Bring along Yamodo! for hours of creative fun.


  1. What a great idea to keep your kids’ hands tied while traveling!

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