You know how when you’re pregnant and baby drains all your brains? You call it BabyBrain. Then you’re a mom, and, again, baby drains all your brain, and you call it MommyBrain.

So when you’re breastfeeding and the draining of the brains is even worse, what would you call it? BoobyBrain, right?

Except boobybrain is a brilliant concept, and a beautiful one at that. A mothers’ nursing bracelet with unique clock, it has 12 large jewels separated by 3 smaller beads each, each large jewel represents an hour on the clock. Select your “12” and start counting. Each time you finish breastfeeding you’ll move the “timekeeper” charm to the jewel that represents the hour of your feed and then further to the 1/4 of the hour (by counting the 3 beads as :15, :30, and :45.) Three hours later, feed and move the charm again. boobybrain bracelets are a great way to track your feeding… because we all know when you have BoobyBrain, even recalling the time of the next feeding can be difficult; with the assistance of a boobybrain mother’s bracelet, you’ll have a beautiful assitance.

Every boobybrain bracelet is an original, so select a style you want and if its not available, one will be hand-created for you.

While I can’t promise boobybrain bracelets will keep your brain from draining the whoas of motherhood, it will offer one less thing to weigh down your brain in the myriad of baby things.

To order, find your favorite look at the boobybrain website and send an inquiry e-mail. She’ll work with you to create your bracelet, and, when you mention MOMMIES, you’ll receive a 10% discount.


  1. What a great concept- I will pass the info along to my nursing friends.

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