Last summer we traveled a share of road trips, commuting north and south along the east coast. One item that has become a necessity for our roadtrips, the BinGo by SkipHop. This simple companion packs up and stores easily when not in use, taking up only an inch of depth, but when the large Bin Go is opened it measures 16.75 x 12.5 x 12.5 (open size). And in our case, that equals a whole lot of toys. We used the BinGo all summer as an easy toy box. Before each trip, I opened the BinGo and announce packing time. The Canvas BinGo is stuffed with everything from board games and books, to Legos, race cars and stuffed friends. Each time I’m amazed that there is still room left in the BinGo. The canvas, which is light weight yet sturdy, holds the toys in a flexible rectangle, and has 2 round handles which raise above the box sides, allowing for easy transfer into the car, and, hours later at our destination, simple transfer to our place of stay.
Of course, that’s just one of many uses for the BinGo. I’ve heard of use as a laundry bag, of a holder for a collection of blocks, or a stuffed animal basket. The family-room and nursery friendly colors available make any storage fashionable furniture.
Also available is the smaller BinGo, in the same colors. Initially, I thought this to make a wonderful downstairs diaper changing station. With a vertical seperator, it would hold diapers, cream, wipes and more. Its smaller size fits easily on a shelf and the handle permits easy carrying throughout the house. Since my boys are now diaper-less, I opted to use this size as a resuable grocery bag holder. Stored in my car, I fit over 5 folded reusable bags on one side of the divider, then stuff in several plastic bags, to be recycled upon arrival to the store. I love that I can handle the carrier and bags to the cart, then collapse the BinGo to lay all of my bags flat. As with the larger BinGo, the uses are endless.
Find them at SkipHop‘s website.


  1. this would be great for so many different uses!

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